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21 January 2008

American (M.L.K. Day) Day-Dreams ?

Regular readers may recall reading an 'Old Brit' guest post by Michael Scott, here at our humble blog last summer. At that time Michael's valued contribution included a couple of telling video links.

Today we're highlighting another must see video brought (once again), to our attention elsewhere online by that self same proud, patriotic, progressive, Mr Michael Scott.

So all Americans are equals, eh?

Well, suck this and see, as they say.

21st century or not, some things never seem to change much do they? At least, never for the better.

Unless of course you're one the utterly unfairly favoured and completely conscienceless, sociopathic almost to the point of cannibalistic, 'fat-cat-few'.

So, maybe after all there's some truth in that corny old time travel theory, eh?

Isn't it sad that so many, many years ago folk like Edna Ferber, Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein 11, Paul Robeson and plenty of others 'got it' -- yet, all these long years later, nothing like as many people do nowadays? Be that fact be by accident or by design.

Awrh, what the hell? Why should we oldies still worry so much? After all, it's been quite a while since we had to haul or heave a lot.

And anyway, it's probably all entirely academical. Since America already seems to be speeding, irreversibly, straight Back To The Future .... in a hand basket.

All thanks, in the main, to the likes of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co - aka - K.K.R.

And, of course, their greedy-pig politico pals, cum aider-abettor-enablers.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Careful, Brit. Remember what happened to the commies Robeson and King?

9:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember what happened to the commies Robeson and King?

Anon, are you being serious or sarcastic?

9:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whole bunch more mlk vids here....includes dream speech

9:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too damned right nothing ever changes in the US. Look at all the prospective next presidents;all promising "change".

Bollix. They're all part of the problem ~ none of them are part of the solution.

MLK, JFK, RFK all tried to make real changes. Fat lot of good it did anyone ~ let alone themselves.

More recently Paul Wellstone talked about seriously changing things ~ then suddenly BOOM! Remember his timely 'accident'?

More recently still, Howard Dean looked like he was gonna try rocking the boat too much. He was lucky ~ they let him off lightly.

Changes in the US? No way. Not from the inside.

11:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange isn't it? How msm gives no coverage at all to the serial ravages of the outright 'finacial-terrorism' that's been slowly killing the US and simultaneously dragging and other places down to their knees.

Millions and millions are suffering simply because these bastards are given free rein to rape, pillage and cripple entire country's economies.

1:20 am  
Blogger Moon Rattled said...

There's got to be a special place in hell for CEOs who make 2500 times per hour what the average working stiff earns in the same time period, for a lot less effort too! I'd like to see these dicks slaving in those working conditions. Unfortunately even if there is a hell, it would be too little too late. Eternity is too damn short for these bastards.

You want hilarity, SadlyNo has got a piece up today about a conservative who has the gall - because gall is his specialty - to describe Martin Luther King as a conservative.

Conservatards don't have dreams, they have delusions. And gall.

9:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These slimeballs should choke on their gold.......slowly.

3:20 pm  

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