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22 January 2008

Iran : Sensible/Sane 'Supreme Leader' Publicly Slaps Down Dickhead President ...


Here's what's making most of MSM's Iran related headlines today.

UN powers agree on new Iran draft
However ...... in case you don't read, hear, see, know, or understand enough about Iran - apart from what you're regularly fed by Faux/Fox propaganda/pantomime productions and certain other news organisations of it's vested interests' ilk ......

In the taster/teaser below we've included several (what we consider to be completely unmissable), live links relevant to this particularly important topic.

Important, that is, for all sincere seekers of some semblance of serious enlightenment/explanations/education regarding the realities of present day Iran.

Khamenei snubs Iranian president

Iran's supreme leader has overruled its president by ordering him to implement a law to supply gas to remote villages.

Iran is having its coldest weather in years and parliament had ratified a law to release extra funds to supply gas to rural areas undergoing shortages.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refused to implement it, prompting the speaker to appeal to the supreme leader.

A BBC correspondent says
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's action is a rare public humiliation for President Ahmadinejad.


The supreme leader agreed that the law should be implemented and his letter ordering that it should, was read out in
the parliament.


Critics of the president have become more vocal as the threat of war with the US or Israel over Iran's nuclear activities appears to have receded.

The political battle is heating up with parliamentary elections in two months, our correspondent says.

Read the rest of this extraordinarily revealing, Iran report. And be sure to read 'between' the lines, too.

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Anonymous Charles said...

Your ordinary Iranian in the street wants shut of Ahmadinejad asap. All that's needed is a bit of patience from the west and as soon as election time arrives he'll be toast.

The big question is wether or not the west will wait. Don't forget that Saddam had given the US everything it had demanded well before the invasion, but the info was kept hidden from the ordinary western people lest we fought against it even more than lots of us did.

11:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now that's a nice surprise

3:36 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

I hadn't realised the complexity of the hierarchy(s?) over there, Richard. Thanks to your very informative links I know know quite a few things I didn't. (isn't the web marvelous?)

What does come out pretty loud and clear though is that the Supreme Leader - when it matters most - comes out top dog. The one the people as a whole will listen to, respect and side with.

Thanks once again.

12:05 pm  
Blogger Sophia said...


Most of the time people confound Ahmadi-Nejad with the Mullahs. They are two separate entities in matters of foreign policy and demagoguery. Actually the supreme leader has the final say in foreign policy. And the Mullags are much more pragmatic than Ahmadi-nejad. They don't want another war, the war with Iraq has a terrible toll on the Iranian people.
However Ahmadi-Nejad is playing Bush's game because it is boosting his standing at home. Iranians have many urgent issues to care for, like a terrible economic context and the fact that the Islamic revolution didn't deliver its promises in matters of welfare and prosperity...

12:12 am  

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