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01 November 2007

Ex MI6/S.I.S. Boss Sir Richard Dearlove - Blows Whistle On Blair-Bush-Co's Illegal Iraq Invasion ...

So, speaking of intelligence, which we so recently were ...

Ex-MI6 boss attacks Iraq policy

Sir Richard was head of MI6 for five years

Government policy was too dependent on intelligence in the run-up to war with Iraq, the former head of MI6 has said.

Speaking in London, Sir Richard Dearlove [who eventually resigned over the Iraq 'rift'], said when the government made its case in Parliament, too much emphasis was put on intelligence.

In reality, there were many other factors contributing to policy decisions, he said.
Read the BBC's very latest, highly relevant report.

Then, definitely read the following, from a genuinely well informed 'insider' - none other than
Michael Smith, ex Defence Correspondent of the London Daily Telegraph and current correspondent of both the [London] Sunday Times and the New Statesman.

Here's a teaser from today's telling tale written and published online by Mr Smith himself.

The first six [Downing Street Memos] were passed to me in September 2004 when I was the Defence Correspondent of the London Daily Telegraph.

The main thrust of this first batch was the deep concern among British officials over the justification for the war and the way in which George W Bush was prepared to invade Iraq without any clear idea of what would happen after the war.

They also show that there was already a very clear plan, initiated by Downing St, to 'wrongfoot' Saddam into giving the allies an excuse for regime change, which the documents clearly stated was illegal under international law.


But more to the point, and regardless of the conditions, Blair had agreed to do something that was illegal under international law, without the knowledge of Parliament or many members of his own cabinet.
Now, you MUST read the rest of Smith's startling story.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And some folk still see our dear leaders Blair and Bush as their 'betters'? Bloody unbelievable.

Thanks for this Old Brit, I'm passing it on to as many as possible. I hope everyone else reading here does the same. It's the very least we can do seeing as they're both still getting away with blatant War Crimes.

6:18 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Already a million (or more) dead, with many more to come no doubt. All because of these bastards' lies.

WHEN will the people rise as one and say ENOUGH! NO MORE!

6:32 pm  
Anonymous Peter England said...

Has there ever been a British Premier who did what Blair did? Help start a bloody war [neeldessly and under false pretences] then just buggered off in the middle of it all once the going got too tough for him?

Has there? Ever?

7:49 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Not only are both these criminals still free but they both continue to get richer by the day ~ thanks to their total lack of conscience.

One day, the Hague must see to it they they pay a price. Otherwise, the Hague is as totally worthless as they both are.

10:45 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Please not that comment moderation has been reintroduced - meaning that you'll be asked to enter the given alphabet letters provided when reaching the comment box.

Overnight we've been spam attacked with over 100 postings, and also had to reset our own normal password, which blogger has suddenly refused to recognise.

Why? Why now? How? Who?
We don't know but we wonder if it's a coincidence that this has happened immediately following this current blogpost on "intelligence".

Tin-hat time (again) or what?

12:32 pm  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Hello Richard, it will take more than 100 spammy mosquitoes to bring you down!
In spite of the Downing Street memos and the 1000s of lies now exposed I doubt that these baby killers will be brought to justice.
Where oh where is the outrage, The Hague? Then I think of Evil Personified, Henry Kissinger, still walking around, still being feted, and I absolutely just about, not quite, give up the ghost for justice and accountability.

8:13 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Agreed on all counts, wisewebwoman.

12:04 pm  

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