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20 January 2007

No Climate Change? Seen Some Of The Severe Storms Across Europe ?

Have you had a nice day?

We wish we had.

Here's how things looked here at home on Merseyside, on Thursday.

So there's no such thing as global warming/climate change, eh?

Tell it to the marines, Mr Bush.

And it isn't just we Brits who've been battered lately.

Almost all Northern Europe has been hit with the same sort of shit.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, great photos my friend. I hate being defeatist, but I often am about global warming. I hope we still have chance to reverse it; although I doubt we would even if we do. Global warming exists though.

12:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you know dear, I live in Saratoga, NY. It's been in the 60's and 70's for the last few weeks, now it's snowing, the first of the year. Which so happens to be almost 3 months too late.

My mom is an avid Pogo player, every single conversation in there is the weather. But, global warming is nothing more than liberal propaganda, eh?

We have a small window of opportunity here, will we bridge party lines or just say to hell with it? The world awaits our answer...

12:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Bet there was no 'Ferry Cross the Mersey' that day. Awesome!

1:49 am  
Anonymous Keir said...

Spare a thought for us expats forced to endure living in the heart of the country which is making all this possible. This morning in Beijing I can't even see the buildings across the way because of the smog.
Now this morning in drudgereport comes the claim that Alaska will soon enjoy British-type weather...

2:03 am  
Blogger Chucky said...

Wow. I knew it was windy, but I didn't know that the Mersey looked that! You could surf in it!

To James and everyone else here, I started a small debate about global warming on my wiki: So far there's no case for global warming being caused by man, so if you'd like to add one that would be great! Or if you just want to vote, that would be great too.

2:39 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

Dear God - what a set of photos Richard and when you think how relatively sheltered the Irish sea is.

Very off topic to this but a subject I know you're keenly interested in have you see the Indedpendt's front page? :

Top Blair aide arrested over 'cash for honours'

You know they got Al Capone for tax ......

5:06 am  
Anonymous scouse said...

Richard, as you'll no doubt already know it's almost as bad now (and has been all night) and is forecast to worsen today.

But did you know that today is also high spring tide? Jeeze, some poor buggers are going to suffer today.

Btw, I see the death count is still going up.

(I'm a Merseysider too)

9:28 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

The Irish Sea? If that's just the RIVER what hell must the Irish SEA like in such a storm. Strewth, I'm glad I don't know - and won't be finding - not for myself at any rate.

And now there are HIGH Spring tides due -- to go with everything else? Sheesh.

Stay safe, Richard.

12:04 pm  
Anonymous musings said...

A few months ago, I saw the play "Icebreaker" about a young geologist who studies global warming. The discussion afterwards featured a professor who had studied ice layers going back 900,000 years (which can still be found in Antarctica). She told the same story as Al Gore in "An Incovenient Truth", but with that laconic, calm scientific voice, focused on the physical evidence without respect to its social effects. If I have it right, she said that our CO2 is off the charts, and not even normal for the cycles which brought about ice ages (which locked up so much water, desertification began). I seem also to recall that there was a paradox - enough ice melt and you got diluted seas which consequently led to climate change in the direction of huge ice packs at the poles --- on the way to this, you got destruction of human habitat (as happened once before in Cro-Magnon occupied Europe, crushing all vestiges but a few of that society)... it seems to have ended in massive floods before anyone could come back.

At any rate, the changes involved are huge, and we are playing with the atmosphere in a way that has never been gone in geologic history. Should give us pause.

I crossed from Liverpool to Ireland in 2003, by ferry. At that time, Europe was experiencing a famous heatwave, which killed thousands of elderly in Paris. If I am not mistaken, temperatures reached 100F in London. Even Ireland was steamy.

Boston, at this moment, is having huge guests of wind. We had the sort of Christmas which occurred about ten years ago, in which the ground was soft enough to transplant trees, and in which you actually wanted to work in the garden. This weather (which ran for a month), meant getting the paper in the morning without needed a sweater. It's gotten colder again, but I would assume this is temporary.

3:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful and frightening pictures. Take care Richard. Here in Canada we are seeing the warmest winter ever.

8:35 pm  
Anonymous snoopsnuffleopagus said...

great pics! sorcha faal/david booth link to geoscience data on electro magnetic radiation, input from solar flares, and recently a comet plus methate outgassing from seabeds we should be seeing continued dramatic change. i.e tornado in london! Thank you for your fine work!

4:52 pm  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Yes, Richard it's crazy weather here in NA too. Extremely mild, 'till the middle of January, only lately became normal for the season.
There is every indication, that the phenomenon Global warming not only will continue, but actually accelerate. Some of the major reasons:

A)The concentration of CO2 and methane (which is multifold more effective to capture heatwaves in the atmosphere and reflect it back than CO2) continues to accumulate in the atmosphere at ever more concentrated form. Not only there is no decline of 'greenhouse gases', but the growth continues unabated.

B)As the polar and Greenland icecaps melting away, there are ever more seas open-up and more and more land will be uncovered from the permanent ice-coverage. Both the surface of the ocean and land absorbs the sun's heatwaves, as oppose to reflects them back to the atmosphere like snow and icecovered land and water do. Every year the surface area of a small European country becoming icefree. This is an accelerating factor, which has not been properly calculated-into the prognostications, due to difficulty of modeling it.

C)There are strong indications, that huge quantities of methane gases which have been previously absorbed in the sea and burried in the sea-bottom has started to be released into the atmosphere. This is an accelerating factor, which has not been calculated-in properly, due to sketchy information and modelling.

8:17 pm  
Anonymous benalbanach said...

...and not only Europe. Here in British Columbia we've had at least nine major storms. During one such,in Stanley Park ,Vancouver..We lost 3000 trees.

4:02 am  

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