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15 January 2007

Attention: American President Halts Hostilities ...


Okay, we'll hold our hands up; we misled you. But then who the hell hasn't lately?

And we both firmly believe that anything Bush and Blair can do, so can we. In fact, we dare say we'd probably do it damned better -- whatever it was.

To be completely honest, the truth is that we grabbed your attention by writing about a different American war and a different American President -- and where it had all eventually led to, exactly 33 years ago today.

Now, you be honest; if we two hadn't reminded you about that other war, which was also based on a lot of lousy, stinking lies, would you really have remembered?

And even now, how many really care?

About the millions who suffered and were slaughtered -- so needlessly.

Soldiers and civilians.

All in Mr & Mrs Average American's name.

Have you ever given those who gave their all, out of misguided loyalty to a previous pack of political pricks (including presidents), a moment's thought?

And if so, when? And if so, for how long? And if so, how sincere where those thoughts?

Well, whether you did or you didn't -- whether you have or you haven't, here's something we say you should read -- and learn -- and inwardly digest -- and analyze -- and ask questions about.

Also, try to find it somewhere within yourself to avow that from this moment on -- you simply aren't standing for any more of this sickening sort of shit.

All war is wanton waste.

There are no such things as winners in war.

In war, everyone looses.

Witness what we append.

15th January 1973:

Nixon orders ceasefire in Vietnam

President Nixon has ordered a halt to American bombing in North Vietnam following peace talks in Paris.

The decision comes after Dr Henry Kissinger, the president's assistant for National Security Affairs, returned to Washington yesterday from France with a draft peace proposal.

Representatives from North and South Vietnam and the United States have been at the negotiating table and reports from Paris say progress has been made with compromises on all sides.

Read all about it.


You owe it to yourself.

More importantly, you owe it to millions of others



Anonymous Anonymous said...


When you write like that ~ from the heart ~ it hits home. Hit home hard.

Let's hope many, many, many take your message to heart.

My heartfelt thanks. Peace, brother.

12:36 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Well said sirs:Richard and Anon.
I could not agree more.

12:56 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

One thing's for sure, we can't blame Bush for anything about Viet nam. W. (and his poppy) made darn sure junior stayed well away from it ... WELL away from it.

(Sarcasm of course)

1:14 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Speaking of Viet Nam, isn't it Martin Luther King Day sometime soon?

Well worth reading Ira Chernus:
MLK’S Guide for Antiwar Activists

And the original speech is here

Meanwhile, back in the Persian Gulf, The U.S.-Iran-Iraq-Israeli-Syrian War

by Robert Parry

This article is an excellent guide on how to view the recent moves of the Bush Misadministration and what we can expect.

2:16 am  
Anonymous xxx said...

With over 3 hundred million to play with, life's cheap in America, in the eyes of the rulers.

While so many are still so willing to be (so easily) conned, their masters will continue sacrificing them for profits.

After all, isn't that the normal American-western-capitalist way? The almighty dollar? Only it isn't mighty any more - but the average American still doesn't even know that yet.

12:41 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Thanks, you two, for the important and heart-felt reminder.

And thanks to others here for some other important reminders.

8:14 pm  

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