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06 January 2007

Iraq Insanity : Facts+Figures+Photos

Are you aghast at the news that more Americans (almost all, young), have now died in Iraq - - directly due to the Bush-neocon-crew instigated, illegal invasion and occupation - - than died in the NYC twin towers on 9/11?

Well, you'd better brace yourself.

The terrible truth is that things over there wouldn't be half so bad, even if they were twice as bad as you've been believing them to be. Which, we bet, was bloody well bad enough.


You won't be, if you linger with us a little while longer.

We should warn you though that if you do decide to stay, you're certainly set to be shocked.

As from here on in, we're talking totally about the (well hidden), wounded of the 'coalition of the willing' - not the dead.

And as advised in advance at the top of the blog, we're backing up everything we say, with some seriously scandalous:



Photos. (Graphic).

As for any similar statistics relating to (in the main, innocent), Iraqis -- be they dead, dismembered, disfigured, driven to distraction and/or any permutation of all the aforementioned -- who the hell knows?

Since, as the almighty American authorities announced almost at the outset -- they don't count.



Anonymous kiwi said...

And now the madman Bush wants MORE of the same. And the coward Blair remains silent.

What did we do to deserve "leaders" like these?

All power to your elbow Richard for constantly speaking out and helping enlighten those in need of enlightenment.

2:07 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

And here's a concise summary of the reasons why behind these facts and figures you very neatly lay out, Richard.

From "Walrus" at Pat Lang's site.

I entirely agree with its history and its projections. All quite simple, really.

10:59 am  
Anonymous martha said...

Thank God ALL Americans are not the same and some are more interested in saving lives, rather than destoying lives.

1:08 pm  
Anonymous Chaz said...

Why should the Necons worry? Their sons (and daughters) aren't the ones being maimed. Regual folks lives come cheap. Beside, there's plenty more wher they came from.


2:42 pm  
Anonymous musings said...

The war must be the way this "owner society" President is handling the obvious hollowing out of the society which more and more imports all its manufactured goods from China and uses the stoop labor of illegals to harvest fruits and vegetables, as well as to process beef and chicken. This is a weakened society, and the only power it is exercising under this President is the rather stretched and badly committed military power.

Intimidation keeps the illegals in line. Drugged aimlessness creates a class of young men whose only chance of turning their lives around might well be military service. You should see the former factory towns of New England - full of tattoo parlors and enlistment offices, while the factories which once made most of America's goods have been turned into now vacant office space.

Some of this is attributable to bigger forces than the Republicans. But there you are: a Crusade has begun to deal with problems at home that are not being addressed.

Eventually, the wounded will return. Mothers luckier than Cindy Sheehan will nevertheless not have much time to take political action: they will be caring for blind, limbless or mentally damaged sons. It may at times be harder than having an infant. You won't see them stalking the halls of Congress, but there are already about five times as many of them as mothers of the dead.

9:25 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

And Bush is asking for "sacrifice"? Hasn't there already been enough? And not just Americans either.

WTF has Bush sacrificed? Ever. Or any of his cabal. Nothing - that's what. Nor will they ever. Not untill people with pitchforks take to the streets.

What a goddamned waste.

10:13 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

Musings, you're right about 'bigger' forces. Those forces in the main are the military industrial complex and the oil companies. And of course, as ever, their mega-wealthy stock holders.

Plus a myriad assortment of related business vultures, all revelling in the revolting war profiteering free for all.

10:22 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

From Today's Guardian. Read it.

Many more sons will die while the Democrats do nothing to stop the war

They have failed to take on the principal reason they were elected and, tragically, the US public is unlikely to force them to

12:41 am  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

This is gpoing to appear callous but I'm tempted to say "Fuck 'em"

5:11 pm  

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