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01 January 2007

Seldom Seen Images Of Saddam Hussein, George W. Bush, Tony Blair And Many More 'Main Men' ...


As we once again enter a brand new year we would all do well to remember that time never stands still.

And that just like the tide, it waits for no man -- be that fact be for better or for worse.

Witness who and what we show you below.

Can you guess who these three young, mere mortals were?

Or who and what Old Father Time turned them into?

And how and when his end game plans will eventually and inevitably, be implemented?

There are plenty more fantastic photos to be found were they came from -- of plenty more people -- be they the world's good, bad and/or ugly 'main men'.

Open this absolutely awesome album -- and be more than amazed.

And may 2007 bring you and yours all that you wish for -- and have earned -- and deserve.



Anonymous Tom V. said...

This is a fascinating exercise to see, if one can see any traces in a child or a young person's face, which reveals something about his future.
This type of game is admittedly more popular with artists, creative thinkers and females, than your average meat-and-potato guy. Since I'm the offspring of an artist couple, you may forgive me for my lengthy indulgence:

The first shock for me, was looking at Saddam's boyhood portrait. The top half of his face is just about like mine, when I was his age, from the mid-nose up.
(I'm originally from Central-
Europe, but I looked like a Southern European, like a Greek or an Italian boy from the Mezzogiorno region.

There is plenty to see here, just some of the major ones: Firstly, Tony's first picture depicts such a charming and beautiful (well) person, that I had some shameful impure thoughts, when I looked at him. In his later pictures he shows a man of cunning sort of intelligence, interlaced with power to deceive, but also a weak shifty character, who I would expect to sell-out even his mother, if the opportunity arise.

Good ol' George-y's face shows a self- indulgent privileged person, who loves the company of young males. He is handsome in a way, but no sign for a shred of intellectual power. There is more there too, maybe a deep seated hurt, but that's cutting it fine.

There is so much more there, but I'm already make even myself bored, so I finish for now, however I may come back again later on, with other characters. (If Richard still humors me.)

4:53 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Fascinating, Richard. Thanks a lot.

1:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all God's children.

8:03 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

WOW! Amazed is right, Richard.
Blooming good show old chap. Eh, what?


11:38 pm  
Anonymous D.K. Raed said...

Thanks for an amazing tour. Tony Blair was hot in a Donovan sort of way, who knew? Saddam looked like my Uncle Art as a young man. I can say that now since both Uncle Art & Saddam are gone.

But most amazing to me was Putin ... the man never changed expression from early childhood on. I kept staring trying to figure out what was so riveting about his set of photos. Finally it came to me. The man has absolutely DEAD eyes, no expression whatsoever, no emotion, nothing, no matter what the occasion. And yet, THIS is the man about whom Bush could say he looked into his eyes & saw his soul? Like looking in a mirror, George. ~~ D.K.

12:33 am  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

d.k. raed;
That is an absolutely correct observation, which I share. Those are the cold and intelligent eyes of a predator, who is on alert in an unhurried way, while observe his surroundings.

It feels that his calculating icy glimpse, have the power to measure-up anyone, with only a glance.

There is also a haughty, somewhat disdainful expression constantly on his face, except on the rare occasion when he smiles, which he does it shyly, like if he were aware, that he reveals a weakness.

All in all, I wouldn't want to be his enemy, and cross his path in any serious way.

6:39 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Fascinating and is all about the EYES....

Glad you are back blogging it....

( Good Saddam Posts- what a frigging mess...NONE of this right....when is Bush going to be hung is the rampant question on this side of the pond)

10:21 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Tony Blair was HOT ? ohhhhhh Dk.. we need to have a long talk....oh no..( Richard she is a wonderful gal...must have hit her head on NYE...)_

( so we have to be approved now to posted..well, well..I hope I measure up ;-)

10:23 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I showed this to my son....he is 15...
"Well, they all are creepy, I would not invite any of them over to eat pizza or listen to the Stones"

and " Well, looking at them, even looking at them I would not buy a second hand car from them, something about the eyes is off"

6:44 pm  

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