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13 January 2007

Middle East Nightmare : Blair's Blame-Game Backfires ...

Bloomin' eck, Mr Blair!

Blaming the British media?

Alongside a very varied assortment of tenacious truth tellers, determined blogger's and numerous other dedicated 'This Old Brit' types ?

As well as almost anyone & everyone else daring to air any anti-war thoughts at all?

For the effing enormous foul-up(s), you've made in the Middle East?

A bit strong that, wasn't it Anthony?

Seems to have backfired a bit too, Tone. And that's putting it mildly, mate.

For example:

Perused this, perchance, Prime Minister?

Tony Blair has turned the blame for his disastrous military campaigns in the Middle East on anti-war dissidents and the media.

See this in today's Independent?

Shoot the messenger: PM blames media for anti-war mood

And this?

Adrian Hamilton: Blair is up to his tired old tricks again

And this?

Leading article: A mendacious attack by Mr Blair

Tut, tut, Tony - talk about being taken to task - and pretty publicly too.

Though we will grant you that things could have turned out worse -- and that you could quite easily have come an even bigger cropper .

By which we mean, Mr Tony - bloody-handed - Blair, that we could well have been talking tarring & feathering -- had we been living in more enlightened times than these are.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man's a shit~~~with a capital S.

3:50 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

So it's all our fault? Oh, really Mr Blair? Just you tell that to the troops and see what they say. Especially, tell that to the dead troops bereaved families - if you dare face any of them.

Anonymous is right. He's the shit to end all shits.

1:03 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

The man has no shame. Nor has he any conscience.

1:19 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

I wonder why this (now almost self confessed)warmonger change the name of the Ministry of Defence back to what it was in the bad old days? Ie: The Ministry for War.

Then the history books could record this man's 'leadership' in a much clearer manner.

Oh, but wait ... that's probably exactly why he won't.

2:56 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

How the hell can he keep a straight face when spewing his serial lies?

Everyone else is to blame, eh?

Surely this is the all time best ever example of political "spin".

I'm with the others - he IS a shit - he HAS no conscience - he HAS no shame - he IS a blowback from the old days.

3:03 pm  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

The man is morphing into some kind of a swamp monster. Has anyone noticed how he can't keep his gaze still whilst speaking? Talk about a rabbit caught in the headlights!!
I truly, deeply, passionately, sincerely hope he has a long, lingering, painful end.
His foreign policy,otherwise known as bending and spreading for the Idiot Son of *ush has made the UK a laughing stock aroun the world.

6:15 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Bush tried the same stunt not long ago. Didn't do him any good though. The majority of Americans have finally seen right through him.

2:39 pm  

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