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10 August 2006

Talking Of Today's Trans-Atlantic Terror Alerts, Chaos, Mayhem And More ...

I had some minor surgery to suffer today -- just as a day case -- so all the talk of trans-Atlantic terror, high alert states, imminent attack threats, etc, only got to me in dribs & drabs.

And, since I'm still as sore as hell in spite of shoveling down pain-killers by the handful, I'll be hunkering down early tonight.

But before I do bugger off to me bed, I'm leaving a link to a site I'd like you look at.

Once there, you'll find (via a kindred spirit called Craig), exactly what I personally think of today's terror, chaos, mayhem and more -- caused right across the country, courtesy a couple of cretins caught on camera, above right.

The truth is that Craig Murray has already written just what I wanted to write.

So as I sneak off in search of some serious snores,
go read Craig for yourself.

You won't regret it -- I guarantee it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:05 am  
Anonymous bluey said...


More like sick jerks.

3:25 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Larry Johnson says similar things but from the perspective of on ex intelligence officer.
British Lose Their Minds

Too predictable and too easy.
It works even on the people (such as us) that don't believe it because we are still distracted from the war crimes and atrocities.
But still, you have to tell the truth or at least question the bullshit.

5:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am the 1st anon and here too and somehow think my jokers comment was taken differently from intended. i think it is a joke the denial or suspect of the threat that was averted.

6:32 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

I no longer believe a word Uk intelligence tells us. Remember the WMDs? Just 45 minutes away?

And Bush and Blair are jokers AND jerks. Their credibility went out the window eons ago.

10:27 am  
Blogger bootlian said...

I agree with you all ~ nothing any of them say can be believed any more. They've cried wolf too often.

Btw, I hope your surgery went ok. Nothing too serious I hope?

11:52 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

More on atrocious weapons
Burning Cluster Bombs

Follow th links through for more info.

What I can't get over is the mind set of those people tht make these things everyday. Never mind the ghouls that design them. They're all war crin=minals in my book.

1:00 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Kurt Nimmo on planes and boogie men-

Fake Terror Obfuscates Lebanon and Iraq Failures

1:10 pm  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Excellent piece by Mr Murray.

4:09 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Join me in the ranks of 'highly sceptical' re latest plot - just too convenient. Hope you are feeling better fast!

5:51 pm  
Blogger Sophia said...

Wishing you a quick recovery.

7:32 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

more like sick criminals....

Dear sorry to hear about the surgery- take good care of yourself...if you need any nursing- you know who to call....and glad to find the great new link- thanks- and griffon quoted Larry of Booman Tribune- wonderful....stop over to Enigma Cafe later...some new posts that might cheer sorry about all the recent Terra Crap, Heathrow is a mess- and I heard that Tony and George discussed it over a week ago- I smell something fishy....

12:44 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...


I've been up to my tonsils recently as I take on a new project - so I've done quick 'drive bys' without commenting.

First and foremost I hope you have a speedy recovery - that's the most important thing. Sorry the radio interview didn't go as hoped but I'd chalk it up to experience.

I'm a bit sceptical about this particular plot myself, especially all the breathless details. Liquid explosives are a bugger to manage binary ones even more so and this is the pack of technical incompetents who couldn't even manage to set their shoes alight? Hmmmmmm ....

Just to remind everyone the point about the story of the boy who cried wolf was that there really was a wolf. It's that that I find so unforgivable. If you, to put it mildly, fib often enough and people stop believing you then you've increased their vulnerability. Looking at the coverage and the countermeasures being put in place my hunch is that what we're seeing is a combination of panic attack and bandwagon effect.

7:49 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for your thoughts/concerns, everyone. I'll soon be back to normal [whatever that is], I'm a tough old coot. ;^)

1:33 am  

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