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01 August 2006

Lebanon : Listening, Looking, Lamenting ...

How would you like a family photo album showing your kids, looking like this?

On second thoughts, don't tell us -- our question should remain rhetorical - since any honest answers will bring too many tears to too many eyes. Or in some cases may instead open an entirely different type of floodgate -- one of lies.

Depending of course, upon whether or not one is a civilized human being, still possessing a heart and a soul -- or an appeasing apologist for Israel's insane & merciless savagery, and are actively endeavouring to defend the indefensible.

And then again, there are those we catergorize as serial fence-sitters-cum-ostriches, struggling to ease their collective conscience.

Listening, watching and weeping here at Gorilla's Guides, could help one decide which of the above three groups one is in - or wants to be in - or should be in.

So, while we two wonder why we all won't do more to stop this multi-state-sanctioned mass murder, here's hoping we, our children & grandchildren all have a real nice day -- as nice a day as each individual one of us has earned -- and by logical extension therefore deserves.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a word .... heartbreaking.

But it's right that you do what you do. The world must be made aware of what is being done in our name ... but completely without our consent.

What in God's name can we do?

1:04 am  
Anonymous anotheranon said...

I can't think of a better word, except maybe 'evil'. Unless there one anyone can up with that's more apt.
I still can't believe that the UK and US government's are allowing all this. Before Bush and Blair came along it would have been unthinkable. But then so would a lot of other things they've been party too.

8:18 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Too true anotheranon.

Richard, you may enjoy Billmon's take on Bliar-

8:47 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Excerpt from Blair's speech. (Thanks to Rex for the link)-
"The purpose of the terrorism in Iraq is absolutely simple: carnage, causing sectarian hatred, leading to civil war"
Tony Blair.

When I read this I thought "Well, you ought to know, Tony". Bit of inside knowledge there!

The thing is a lie from start to finish. This is what evil does. It reverses everything.

8:59 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

I feel like I'm hogging the comments section here!

The "thing" referred to in the comment above is Blair's speech.

If you have time for some truly good writing, go here-

and read Arthur Silber. Thanks to MFI for recommending him.

1:12 pm  
Blogger Sophia said...

Richard, Griffon, Anons,
Along Richard's lines of the 'family album':
'You Go A Bit Crazy When You See Little Body Afte Little Body Coming Out From The ground'

4:44 pm  
Anonymous musings said...

When the US engaged in "Shock and Awe" in Iraq, a phrase with a certain Nazi ring to it, I believed that it would only go badly from then on. Clearly civilians who had offended no one would be killed in a nation which had not attacked us.

That mini-me Israel should engage in the same is perhaps unsurprising. That Americans should let the Israeli tail wag the American dog is also unsurprising. Israel has been goading America to dislike its enemies for a long long time.

But today's commentary by Justin Raimondo at is especially on point. Raimondo, as far as I can tell, is a "romantic", a gay man who was probably raised Catholic, and who learned about natural law while in an unnatural institution. He is Aristotelian to the neocons' Platonic idealism in which words are no different than deeds and propaganda creates reality. Raimondo probably accepts that the meaning of the word "is" is plain. A=A.

The disproportionality argument cuts no ice with neocons, many Democrats, and certainly not with the leadership in Israel. Spiritually, these people are have-nots always out to spoil it for others and never accountable for what they do. There is no there there. The whirlwind in which they live is empty, and they will reap it. But so will those of us who allow them to lead us.

It is so easy to blame those in the Mideast for being disproportionate in their treatment of prisoners, etc. Why then imitate them? The arms deal between the US and Israel has now been shown to be pernicious and offensive. But the road has been traveled for some time. It can only result in failure for those who think it represents the laying out of an empire. It can only end in the impoverishment and defeat of those who imagine they represent the West when they represent chaos.

5:30 pm  
Blogger Tom said...

Unless people like you keep screaming for a ceasefire, I am afraid that the PNAC game plan will continue until there is a war with China. That is unless the Middle East exhaust all of the West’s resources, which is more than likely.

I have been worried by hearing so much hate speech from my fellow liberals blaming, as they put it, “the Jews.” It seems to me that from what I have been reading that a very large amount of the Jewish community as well as orthodox Jews even are against this aggression. It is much like the occupation of Iraq in that most Americans are against it. The main stream media must be promoting this idea, but I wouldn’t know, because I try not to watch main stream media.

5:42 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Musings, you make some very good points.

The Americans and the Israelis (or more correctly, the small group that runs both countries) have since the Second World War been creating this empire. Firstly through bluff and threats and if that doesn't work, then through creating chaos. Which is what we are seeing now.

Order out of chaos. Of, course, they never see themselves as falling victim to this chaos because so far they have profited from it. They think they can control it. Hence the hubris and delusion and hence their inevitable final defeat.

But as you so rightly say, they bring down the roof on everyone.

I think just for their own safety, all the Jewish people who are against Zionism and what the State of Israel are doing need to get themselves a much higher profile and fast.
For everybody else's sake, they are the ones who can best undercut the Israeli credibility with the Christo Fundos and all the other sheep out there.

1:11 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

AS ever, there's more honesty and common sense to be found here ~ via Richard and ALL the posters here (bar one) that at many of the so~called big-boy blogs.

Already some of them are becoming as bad as the msm they originally attacked. Why?

First, take a look at the growing number of adverts they now carry.
Second, they don't want to upset ANY readers too much any more. They're more interest in getting as many visitors and hits as possible.

I've just read a post by Firedoglake, in which she (as Richard called it) pussy-foots around. She wants to be seen by one faction od readers as being against Israel's imoral actions ~~ then sadly, hedges her bets by announcing that she is a 'friend' of Israel.

Did nobody ever tell her that fence sitters are part of the problem(s)?

My own conclusion? Media whoring is no longer solely to be found in the msm.

10:24 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Griffon, hog away, mate. The more relevant/important links you bring the better. Though sometimes it takes a little longer than I'd like, I do eventually read everything. And that applies not just to Griffin & his regular, welcome contributions, btw.

I appreciate everything that anyone brings to the table here -- except mischief making.

11:32 am  
Blogger markfromireland said...

I've given up on Firedoglake Rex. They might possibly learn from defeat but I'm not holding my breath.

6:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole Lebanon/Israel issue is nothing to do with water, a grand-master plan or any other huge conspiracy theory.

My take on the whole Israel/Arab thing is that Hizbollah were/are highly opportunistic in the kidnapping of the 2 israeli soldiers so soon after Hamas kidnapped one in gaza. They saw an opportunity to pour fuel on a fire and make it roar.

My take is we should leave them all to it. And rapidly develop the hydrogen fuel cell so that we in the west can once and for all say to the Arab world "thanks for the oil but we dont need you any more so get back to the stone age and stick it up your khyber". I pray for that day.

As and when the Iranians get a nuke (and they will) it will be the Israelis that bomb them before they can use it (just like with Osirak in 1980) rather than the US/UK.

Make no mistake about it whatsoever, the Iranians WILL use it if they have half a chance - on Israel first of all. Listen carefully and pay attention now because Im going to tell you something based on first hand experience of living in a fundamentalist arab country for four years: Radical Islam is not based on rationalism, it is based on a highly perverted belief in virgins, paradise, everlasting glory and all that other good stuff that gullible poverty-stricken young boys of 19 like to hear (from uber-meisters that would nevel willingly kill themselves but that do have an absolute hatred of western ways).

By the way its rare that I meet a nice Israeli person. Im no real fan of Isreal but I have a huge sympathy for their plight. A tiny country surrounded by hostile nations who have twice before ('67 and '73) invaded them with no provocation - and lost each time.

First nuke since 1945...ouch...

11:11 am  
Blogger gilamonster007 said...

Thats right. Hurrah for common sense at last!

11:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The anti-semitic views from markfromireland concern me somewhat. markfromireland, in a spirit of open and healthy debate please could you refrain from quite such acidity. We all have our points of view but such anti semitic viewpoints are not healthy, fair or acceptable.

11:35 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I decide what and who is acceptable here. Also, I'm fast fast tiring of multi-persona postings. I think moderation mode may soon be implemented here.

12:20 pm  

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