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24 July 2006

Lebanon Latest: Israeli War Crimes?

A war crime?

One of many?

Committed by Israel's IDF against innocent Lebanese civilians?

Civilians who were fleeing the continuing ferocious Israeli onslaught on their homeland . Fleeing in fear of their lives. Fleeing on the express orders of the ruthless Israeli invaders' 'evacuation' instructions .

Was this yet another one of many recent war crimes committed against all of humanity in general, and the poor Lebanese people in particular ?

Before forming a personal opinion, first read the following clip, then the relevant Guardian report in full.

The ambulanceman gave Ali the job of keeping his mother alive.

The 12-year-old did what he could. "Mama, mama, don't go to sleep," he sobbed, gently patting her face beneath her chin.

Behind her black veil, her eyelids were slowly sinking.

"I'm going to die," she sighed. "Don't say that, mama," Ali begged, and then slid to the ground in tears.

On the pavement around mother and son were the other members of the Sha'ita family, their faces spattered with each other's blood. All were in varying shades of shock and injury. A tourniquet was tied on Ali's mother's arm.

A few metres away, his aunt lay motionless, the white T-shirt beneath her abaya stained red.

Two sisters hugged each other and wept, oblivious to the medics tending their wounds. "Let them take me, let them take me," one screamed.

Their mother was placed on a stretcher, and lifted into the ambulance. "God is with you, mama," Ali said. She reached up with her good arm to caress his face.

The Sha'itas had thought they were on the road to safety when they set out yesterday, leaving behind a village which because of an accident of geography - it is five miles from the Israeli border - had seemed to make their home a killing ground.

They had been ordered to evacuate by the Israelis.

Read the rest of the Guardian's gut-wrenching article right here.

Then there's this, from today's Independent's front page.

And then there's the Mirror.

This Old Brit has this evening sent a message to his Member of Parliament, expressing his absolute outrage and demanding she immediately join the ranks of parliamentarians who've had enough of Blair's abetting of both Israel's and America's willful roles in this ongoing horror story.

Only if & when enough constituents show their elected representatives that they are deadly serious re: their votes -- the very next time they get to cast them -- will these politi-pigs pull their fat, stinking snouts from the trough, and sit up and listen.

So, what did you do today?

And/or what will you do tomorrow?



Or nothing?


In the interests of decency & honesty absolutely no mention of (nor reference to), an American Bushwoman named Rice, has been made in this article -- since we see her as simply a shyster.



Anonymous graniab said...

Don't expect anything from Condi the US has no intention of chastising Israel. Read today especially the link to Olmerta - some very interesting stuff there. Incidentally one of my State senators appeared at a rally yesterday supporting Israel.

12:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An affront to civilised peoples everywhere. But it needs to be spread where all can see it - so my thanks Old Brit.

For every real terrorist they kill, a dozen more will replace them. Anyone can see that.

My niece told me that today.

Btw, my niece is 12 years old and she's what some would call a Brit 'wasp' - an English, white, anglo-saxon, protestant.

12:46 am  
Anonymous max said...

And for every innocent that dies at Israel's hand - 100 new enemies are born.

Work it out. So, this can't go on and on. And guess who will lose in the long run?

Mathematics rule!

12:55 am  
Blogger bootlian said...

Heart breaking, soul destroying, belief defying -- all these things and more.

Those responsible for this must eventualy be brought to justice, then made to pay for these crimes. Every last one of them.

1:28 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

I think Iran was right about Israel. Since it's turned out that Israel is actually 'doing' to Lebanon what Iran merely 'spoke' about with regard to Israel.

Maybe the Iranians can and could see into the future.

1:54 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Link to Israeli human rights group-

Available in other languages if you go to the home page

2:58 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Thanks for pushing us to send messages of sharp criticism to our elected representative, Richard.

After that vote supporting Israel was taken in the US House of Representatives, where only 8 members had guts enough to vote "Nay", I sent one to my Congressman (who is basically good on most issues) telling him how shocked I am.

I expect they are under extreme threat. That's the only excuse I can imagine.

4:44 am  
Anonymous me said...

Good advice. Star at the local level. They're the ones that'll get to the higher ups more easily than us. Also, if enough of them show the higher ups how serious and how many are pissed off - the higher ups WILL listen more.

10:39 am  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Ladies and gentlemen take a look at that boy. What a nightmarish tragedy and trauma visited on that poor boy!

His only mother, a dear mother is lying lifeless beside him. What did that child do, to deserve that? What did that family or what did that country do to deserve that?

Do some morally insane idiot still dribbling about the capture of two uniformed soldiers inside Lebanon, as the cause of all these and the ruination of an once beautiful economically and culturally striving country? A treasured pearl of the middle East and all of Humanity?

Now common, even our good old bogeyman, Hitler created a bigger provocation, before starting another agressive war. What a historical times we are just entering! All those, who wishes to quietly sit on the sidelines, take a look at the plight of Lebanon.

Those who planned and have perpetrated those crimes will have that design, on each and everyone of us.

They just take their sweet time and doing the carnage slowly and enjoyably. (for themselves that is) Why? Because they can.

Because you and me.

1:26 pm  
Blogger Gert said...


"Why? Because they can."

Precisely. They can use their superiority from the air (so courteously supplied by us) because no one will challenge them: militarily or otherwise.

Britain is playing a shameful role in all this...

5:13 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Oops a thousand apologies my comment yesterday gave the wrong blog - it should be entry for 7/24 and open link to Olmerta. Sorry I am not functioning well in terrible heatwave (112 yesterday with power cuts)!

5:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

* Human Rights Watch: Israel Dropping Cluster Bombs on Lebanese Civilians *

Human Rights Watch says Israel is dropping cluster bombs on Lebanese
residential neighborhoods in possible violation of international law. We
speak with HRW's Peter Bouckaert in Beirut.


* Lebanese President Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorous Bombs in
Lebanon *

Independent journalist Dahr Jamail, who exposed how the U.S. used white
phosphorous bombs in Iraq, says Israel is using the same tactic in Lebanon.
We speak to him in Beirut.


6:27 pm  
Blogger christian lies said...

On monday I stood at the War Memorial in Inverness with a sign saying TROOPS HOME NOW.

Some people - not many - showed support.


One said Geneva Conventions are being broken.

He goes to Afghanistan in December...............

11:45 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I'm way behind friends, as I've had a lot on at home and therefor have given priority to putting together blogposts as often as I can manage. Unfortunately that's meant neglecting responding and showing my (usual) appreciation.

Good links anon and Griffon ( as per usual) - and good on you c.lies for putting your words/thought/feelings into action.

All in all, unanimous agreement on everything, I'd say.

10:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:14 am  
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