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11 July 2006

Israel - Super-Semites' Inhumanity Toward Semites Of A Lesser God ...


Today, This Old Brit presents for your perusal a photograph of This Old Palestinian lady being helped across a road ...

... by an Israeli (IDF) tank, manned by a (hidden) crew of heroic, Jewish freedom fighters.

A picture no artist could paint, eh?

God's chosen children rule, eh?

The middle-East's, master-race, eh?

Might is right, eh?

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, eh?

What an infantile and futile philosophy.

Well, whatever.

So as it's our belief that a picture's worth a thousand words, we're going to leave things at that today.

Since we're both worn almost right out, courtesy all the horror stories of this last several days.

That's why this is it --- for today --- we hope you have a nice one.

N.B. Information for the uninitiated: while we warmly welcome reader discussion and comment, and invariably respond -- please note that we old pair (personally), definitely don't do debates.



Anonymous Tom V. said...

I don't know Richard, how I will be able to help you to break the silence and to warm up people, to the idea, to participate in this debate and honestly speak our mind on this subject, which is in the most desperate need for Free Speech.

It is in the most desperate need to condemn the most outlawed and racist State in modern history and pressure our government, the Zionist controlled media and so on. Yet one has to measure his voice with the outmost care, lest he could find trouble somewhere along the road.

No other nation than the Zionist Entity and their Zionist-Jewish lobby Worldwide succeded to intimidate people into silence in the teeth of the most sustained and most brutalizing occupation and never ending series of war-crimes which crying up to the Heaven for Divine Resolution. Yet we are not dare, to tell the Truth.

This is the nadir of the proud tradition of the Free Western Man.
The The situation is utterly shameful and intolerable yet we, the majority cowardly walk away, never mention, never condemn, never spoke up.

Am I echoing my previous sentiment Ladies and Gentleman?

All the brave people who voiced their opinions, to execute a young soldier of minor rank, please come out and say something.

You remember when I said we are all guilty. We are all guilty to allow this to happen. Those sentiments are 100 % right on this issue too.

3:26 am  
Anonymous ash said...

It is worth a thousand words but it would take a thousand, thousand pictures at least before the Christians of today reached out to help those in need

At least you've tried, though I never thought you would. You never have before, like too many others. What took you so long Brit?

3:27 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

A picture is wortha thousand words, indeed, Richard.

I would not be surprise if Zionism and it's State of Israel go down in history as the quintessential example of Chutzpah. If it doesn't, it should.
It is the mother of all chutzpahs. It is doubly ironic that it is a Yiddish term and concept.

For those unfamiliar with the term, chutzpah is shown by a man who has just been convicted of murdering his parents, and when asked buy the judge "Do you have anything to say before I pronounce sentence?",
says, " I ask for leniency from the Court, Your Honour, as I am an orphan"!

3:28 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

I heard this morning that now Israel's "gone into" Lebannon. Yep.

Surprise, suprise ~ another two IDF soldiers have been kidnapped.

11:59 am  
Blogger Gert said...

The situation can lead to complete meltdown in the ME.

What to say? The Israelis can do exactly as they please and the UN will mutter something under its breath about "restraint" and do nothing.

The West will denounce terrorism and leave the Palestinians to take the brunt. Once the inevitable Israeli victory is secured and an Arab-free Eretz Israel is established, Israel can rewrite the history books once again and in twenty years from now the Palestinians will have become a distant memory...

Anyone who dares object is branded an anti-Semite and a "terrorist appeaser".

It's all very, very, depressing...

4:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel anger more than guilt. It's the politicians and wealthy internation businessmen/women who decide what will or won't be done.

If we were to try to wrest control back into the hands of the people, we would receive treatment on a par with the Palestinians - just as violent. But it would be dished out by our uniformed own ~ police first then army.

There is only one answer. Everyone knows it but none dare say it. The same is true in America ~ probably more so.

5:39 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

I too woke up to the news of Israel rolling through Southern Lebanon - this is disgraceful and where will it end? I am very concerned about impact on the ME - this is not good news folks!

5:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They've gone mad. All hell is breaking loose by what I hear.

Israeli jets striking Lebanon right now. Tanks, troops, gunboats already there.

And NOW Bush is blaming this all on SYRIA and IRAN!

8:45 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

After Lebanon, it will be Syria's turn.
Israel are weakening all their opponents before the US strikes Iran.

1:33 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

What I mean to say is - the war has started.

1:37 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

It only takes a moment's thought to realize what griffin said is obvious:

"After Lebanon, it will be Syria's turn.
Israel are weakening all their opponents before the US strikes Iran.

"The war has started."

These are not just squabbles among three neighboring states.

Israel is nothing more than an arm of the U.S. They work together hand and glove (in the UN too). We supply all the hardware and maintain the stories of the holocaust and the longest running tight censorship on honest reporting about the area, especially any reporting on Palestine.

Americans are more ignorant about Palestine than any other area in the world. And that says something, since very few could pass a decent geography exam.

Please note the sudden buildup of forces in Afghanistan and the growing rhetoric about the Taliban and drugs. Troubles there are spreading into Pakistan.

Yes, it's all connected.

And now the big question is --- what will the rest of the Middle Eastern countries do? What will Russia and China do? What about the rest of the countries in the EU? Are the other 'stan nations all puppets of the United States? How many countries have troops in Afghanistan now?

I'm ranting. Better quit.

9:19 am  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

No rosemarie, you are not ranting, but you contributed with your mind and your Soul.

Amazing of the bravery of our blessed women. I always knew, that they have more innate strength and courage (specialy intellectual and emotional) than my own gender.

Solutions? I have no idea, other than each and every one of us steadfastly start to tell the Ttuth and call a spade a spade and face down the intimidators.

One more thing.

Seek out allies among the Jewish community. Gather our courage and talk to them honestly. I know I did. We have no quarell with those, who live peacefully in the Diaspora and know, that their loyalty lies with their host Nation first and foremost. We should remind them three things 'right out of the bat.'

A)Zionism has a horrible historical trackrecord vis a vis their treatment and exploitation of European Diaspora Jews during the time of Trials, when they have even colluded with the enemy to further their own interest, to the point of becoming accessory to their sacrifice. (The Burnt Sacrifice)

B)Zionism by its horrible crimes and inhumanity threatens Jewish survival World-wide, much more than all the anti-Semitism combined ever hopes to accomplish.

C)Jewish Survival is infinitelly more important than the blasphemous Zionist Project and they should not only separate themselves from that project, but they themselves actively and bravely voice their own opinion inside the Jewish Community to the effect to tame the Zionist monster.

10:42 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

This attack on airfields and roads-
Could well be in preparation for an invasion of southern Lebanon to -
1. gain a buffer against attack from Hezbollah and/or Syria once the bombing of Iran starts
2. secure very valuable water resources which Israel deperately needs to expand and
3. provoke Syria into retaliating or at least to be seen supporting Hezbollah so Israel can attack the Russian missiles (Russian manned) on Syrian territory (plus the usual i.e. airstrips, roads, bridges and power plants)

The US has been moving troops to the major bases (H1, H2 &H3) in the west of Iran which are near the Syrian border.

2:05 pm  
Anonymous me said...

They've bombed main roads and bridges too. They've bombed a proper TV/radio station [in a built up] area saying it was a terrorist supporter.

And they've now declared a 'blockade' - land, sea and air.

It's return to the damned dark ages, damn them.

PS - griffon, I take it that was a typo? You meant Iraq bases - not Iran bases?

3:03 pm  
Anonymous me (again) said...

They've also cut off large swathes of country in the north, bombing villages and killing many, including men, women and kids.

Artilery shells are still pounding away into the north [BBC just showed it - with a live report[er] - and even more Israeli troops are still massing along the border.

3:07 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I'm 'interupting' to say only four things -- for now.

1./Thanks for all your honesty and valued input, everyone.

2./I've not seen a word posted so far that I disagree with.

3./I am trying to keep up with the ongoing, planned well in advance [though as yet still undeclared] war - of which Gaza was phase one, Beirut phase two. Right now I don't even want to think [let alone talk] about phase three and/or beyond.

4./ Any fools can start wars, but as Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere has and still does show -- those fools can not and will not be the ones to decide when any of those wars end.

3:45 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

A good link here shows what other world leaders are thinking and saying. More good links within the link.

Btw, Richard it probably comes as a great shock an awful lot of people, specially US ones, to hear that it's semites who are being persecuted by Israel. Modern day Israel is a state-country whatever you want to call it, that's inhabited by an weird mix of nationals from everywhere from Russia to America and plenty of places in between.

The one thing they all share is their religion, certainly not the countries and nationalities they chose to leave behind. Another thing they all share seems to short memory. They have become the Nazis of the middle east. Or as you rightly say it's (imagined) master~race.

I hope they're satified with what they've done over the last few years (specially the last few days) ~ they've created many more 'REAL' terrorists, like the US and UK did when entering Iraq. Also they've turned millions globally against them. Once again, rightly so.

6:01 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

I should have included this link in my post.

6:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course this is another US war

one launched from their landlocked mega aircraft carrier

the USS Israel

but you all here knew that

some still don't

yeah, the US outsources wars also

12:45 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Me - yes that was a typo, thanks. I don't see too well to proofread properly when I'm angry.

Thanks for the link Kiwi.

I agree with Richard that phase one was Gaza with the deliberate starving of the residents and the "sound bombs". Then with the outrageous killing of that family on the beach. All of this to provoke a retaliation which the Israelis (I really want to say zionists here) wanted to use to start the war in ernest i.e. the general shelling of Gaza knocking out what infrastructure they have including political.

Phase two, Lebanon and the water. This has been coming ever since the Syrians withdrew from Lebanon. And I must say these kidnappings are mighty convenient.

It's pretty plain that this is all about securing the homeland of zionism before Iran gets whacked - don't want any brown hordes pouring over the borders when we are busy killing elsewhere.

It's not something you want do too prematurely as an aggressor. The confusion only lasts so long. So I'm expecting things to escalate daily.

The next major step, of course, is Syria with the same pattern, knocking out transport and communications after the Syrian airfields and Air Force together with the missile implacements.
If they take out the Russian missiles (which I think they will), they will want to move quickly.

The Europeans are not going to be parsing words after the Israelis gain a choke hold over their oil supplies which will happen if they are permitted to go on their destructive way.

The big question is what has Putin got planned for this eventuality.

The US and Israeli leadership have put the world in a double bind. Given that there is this headlong rush to war, the only way the rest of the world will escape the domination of the US/Israel is to take the initiative militarily now. This could only be lead by Russia. But that necessarily risks widespread nuclear war.
On the other hand, if the US/Israel are permitted to bomb one country after another then no one is safe from this aggression anyway. There is only one logical end to that and that is when there are no countries left to conquer. (PNAC, anyone?)

I would hate to be Vladimir Putin right now

2:53 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Here's a curious article from Robert Fisk -

The comments are interesting, almost uniformly condemning him. It certainly left me confused.

2:22 pm  
Anonymous Prospice said...

The God of Abraham has always been able to see the future. It's of his making. Also, revenge is His.
His advance chastisement and warning was to no avail. The price next to pay? No one knows but God. But it will be a high price. That should be obvious to all. Heaven help them? I don't think so.

5:27 pm  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Griffon, you aptly continue to develop and add details and substance to what Richard has sketched to us, more or less as a further yeast for our discussion as well as maybe to voice his forboding feeling about the escalating tensions.

First I too agree with you, that this offensive is not a haphazard response to relatively negligible kidnaps, but could be the initial phases of something more sinister.

I particularly agree with Richard that these people, (US/UK/Israel) firing up conflicts, while they still stuck in the quagmire elsewhere. I'm not at all impressed by them.
They have unwittingly revealed their structural military weaknesses and there is a certain noticable rush and desperation in their actions.

Just like Richard said, any idiot can start a war. Some idiots did start wars throughout history and more times than not they have fallen into their own trap.

To the question of Russia. It is hard to say, what will they decide, if the agressors enflame Siria. I suppose, they will take it at least as a very, very serious warning signs for themselves (with the Chinese) to prepare for war. A war with Iran in my opinion, will trigger some sort of retaliation from them, maybe not necessary military but economic.

That is the line in the sand and I think both Israel and the US knows it. Interestingly Israel govt. doesn't seem to care, for some reason they are in a headrush into conflict. Very arrogant in my opinion, their characteristic gall or chutzpa.

I think at the present juncture, there is an uneasy strategical equilibrium exist, between US/UK/Israel and Russia/China. The former strategical defence and strength lies in the High Seas, where with the leadership of the US Navy there is a potent and masterly woven system of maritime defence screens exist. No other forces presently in existence, can project hostile forces through this screen. (Unless some suprisingly unknown development)

To the opposition of this, the Russian-Chinese alliance holds the bulk of the huge Eurasian landmass, where they too, may have the possibility, to lay down their elastic and deep strategic defence.

What would logically follow, is that it is in the US's interest to draw their opponents from their defensive posture into a theater, where they hold the advanteges.

Russia-China's interest is to maintain this unbreakable block in the path of the US world hegemonists, by holding their present formidable positions.

Now that is their Grand Strategy in simplified term, but I have no idea, how it is going to be modified or adapted to local exigencies.

8:15 pm  
Anonymous Scali said...

By the way, has hell let Sharon in yet?

11:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom. I hope they will be taught a lesson this time.

11:59 pm  

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