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03 July 2006

An All-in-One Story Of The US Army In Iraq, Gang-Rape, Multiple Murders, Mutilation And More ...

* * Update: 5th July

Call for Iraq probe in rape case

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki questions coalition immunity

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki is demanding a fresh inquiry into the alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi woman by US troops.

Her father, mother and young sister also died in the March attack at their home in Mahmoudiya, south of Baghdad.

"We will demand an independent Iraqi inquiry, or a joint investigation with multinational forces," Mr Maliki said during a visit to Kuwait.


As sickening as it may sound, a single story including vicious gang rape, multiple murder [including that of a child] and mutilation by burning would normally be every newspaper and TV news desks' editor's 'dream'.

But will the one to be found below be?

Or will the horror of it all be hidden? Or ignored by most of MSM? Or glossed over? Or trivialized? Or excused?

Well, we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime read this extract from an Associated Press writer's piece currently appearing online at

And please particularly note that this updated report from Forbes -- detailing the alledged, apalling 'pre-planned' element while also naming names -- appeared on the web just an hour or so ago.

So, like so many especially shocking stories before it, it may soon alter - via official 'sanitization'.

Or it could completely disappear into the depths of the [now so fabled], 'memory hole'.

As we said, we'll have to wait and see.


The charges grew out of a military investigation involving up to five soldiers in the March rape and killing of the woman in Mahmoudiya and three of her relatives.

Prosecutors said Green and others entered the home of a family of Iraqi civilians, where he and others raped the woman before Green shot her and her relatives.

According to an accompanying affidavit, photos taken by Army investigators showed a burned body of "what appears to be a woman with blankets thrown over her upper torso."

FBI agents arrested Green on Friday in Marion, N.C., where he is being held without bond pending a transfer to Louisville, Ky.

The case is being handled by federal prosecutors there because Green, who served 11 months with the 101st Airborne Division, based at Fort Campbell, Ky., is no longer in the military.


FBI special agent Gregor J. Ahlers of Louisville, said Green and three other soldiers from the 101st's 502nd Infantry Regiment were working a traffic checkpoint in Mahmoudiya on March 12 when they conspired to rape a woman who lived nearby.

According to the affidavit's account, the soldiers changed their clothes before going to the woman's residence to avoid detection. Once there, the affidavit said, Green took three members of the family into a bedroom, after which shots were heard from inside.

"Green came to the bedroom door and told everyone, 'I just killed them. All are dead,'" the affidavit said.

The affidavit is based on interviews conducted by the FBI and investigators at Fort Campbell with three unidentified soldiers assigned to Green's platoon. One of the soldiers said he witnessed another soldier and Green rape the woman.

"After the rape, (the soldier) witnessed Green shoot the woman in the head two to three times," the affidavit said.

Ahlers said in the affidavit that he also reviewed photos taken by Army investigators in Iraq of bodies found inside a burned house, including photos of an Iraqi man, woman and young girl who all appear to have died of gunshot wounds.

He said he also reviewed a photo of a burned body of "what appears to be a woman with blankets thrown over her upper torso."

An official familiar with details of the investigation in Iraq has told The Associated Press that a flammable liquid was used to burn the rape victim's body in a cover-up attempt. U.S. officials have said they believed the victims were killed in sectarian violence.

On Friday, the U.S. military acknowledged that Maj. Gen. James D. Thurman, commander of the 4th Infantry Division, had ordered a criminal investigation into the alleged slaying of a family in Mahmoudiya.

Four members of the 502nd have had their weapons taken away and were confined to a U.S. base near Mahmoudiya, officials said.

Maybe some readers had heard or read something of this over the last couple of days, just as we had.

However, to learn that this whole thing was premeditated -- yep, actually planned in advance by the cold blooded, killer-pervert[s] responsible -- makes it all the more nightmarish, if that's at all possible.


Read the revolting rest, right here.


This Old Brit wants demands to be the very first to comment on today's post:

"Fuck you, whoever you all are, if you're found to be the guilty filth of 502nd of 101st US Army Infantry."

I hope they carve the following few words on your tombstone[s].

And I hope they carve them deep -- in the largest possible letters.




*** WARNING & UPDATE ! ***

A strongly suspected DOS and/or IDENTITY THEFT attack on This Old Brit has occured -- but has already now been countered. I strongly advise that nobody clicks on the live name/id link to basilbeast, in our comments section. I've deleted the relevant comment but his/her 'link' will probably remain there. Such is blogger's lame-brain mechanism.

BUT, REMEMBER -- BEWARE OF BASILBEAST! (It had to happen sooner or later I suppose).




Anonymous Rosemary said...

basilbeast, the link address you provided gets a 404.

Richard, if this gang-rape atrocity story appeared in Forbes and was carried on AP, that will mean that it is getting out to the mainstream media in the U.S.

Forbes is a very conservative publication, mostly read by wealthy investors. It is always consulted by the Business Section editor of regional newspapers.

I think the fact it was published by them is an idication of the growing split between two very different classes of "Conservatives." I think (hope) it signals to news editors that it is OK to run this story.

We shall see.

10:14 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


BEWARE! I visited Basilbeast's own site - via his live name/signature and got locked out of my AOL account within seconds.

I've since altered all my security setting, passwords, etc -- in a hurry.

Now Rosemary says his other [steve gilliard] link is duff.

As I say BEWARE!

I'm deleting his comment, but his live name/id/link will probably remain. You have been warned.

10:30 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Right, Rosemary;we shall see.

I have know before though, as I said, that sometimes stories are altered or disappeared -- if/when certain pressures are applied -- or advice offered. If you take my meaning?

The bits about the premeditation and all the names put a whole different face on this, I believe.

Also, read my update just now added to bottom of blog-post. Sound fishy to you? I should say so. And if I'm not mistaken, we've both met basil before - at Tapa - right?

I'll do a search there and ask the others what they remember.

11:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Old Brit.
I read that guys post but had to go away so couldn't check any links (I see its gone now)
I think he was snarkin about they done it in revenge for two outfit buddies being tortured and killed.

But the Iraq girls rape and connected murders happened in March --- months before those guys were killed. And don't anyone think I don't think whoever killed them should get off free but these accused can't use that as an excuse

11:26 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Keep on it, Richard.
Since when has the military discharged someone for having a personality disorder?
Such bullshit.

The ever eloquent Chris Floyd nails it -


1:16 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Too true, anon. Thanks.

Griffon, thanks a lot for that. I went over and commented. He pulls no punches, eh?


Our own Gordo at Appletree is right on this too. He's even got a picture of the prick.

Go see the gobshite for yourself.

2:03 am  
Anonymous basilbeast said...

sorry, I did not intend any harm or identity theft. The link I put in was, I thought, complementary to your story.

won't do it again.



9:14 am  
Anonymous Tom said...

I agree, that what this young soldier did, was revolting and he will have to live with, the heavy responsibility and guilt on his heart, for the rest of his life, for violating and then taking away innocent lives.

Nothing can argue that away.

Saying all that, I'm still protesting the practice, to exclusivelly focus on the crimes and the plight of these young soldiers in isolation, who are struggling in an impossible situation, while the graver responsibility of both the military and civilian leadership gone unnoticed.

We have a wretched criminal leadership who are usurping power now in its sixths year, in the United States. This illegitimate cabal is breaking domestic and International Laws with depressing regularity, without being accountable to anyone.

The investigation, public trial and sentencing of these major war criminals and their enablers, who are working behind the scene is emminently more important, to restore balance and real Democracy again, than sending young men to their execution, in isolation to the wider issues.

I'm ready to forgive this young man, for the terrible crime he commited, because in a way he is also a victim and after sufficient incarceration period, embrace him with a teared eye.

We are all guilty. We are all guilty, to allowed this to happen.

4:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Tom.

You're righ in a way about everyone being guilty to varying dgrees, especially those at the top - in US and UK.

But forgive for asking - who the heck are you to forgive this animal in question? Have you missed the point in question all together? This was premeditated. It was ALL done in cold blood. Against innocent defenceless people - who no doubt had already suffered to a degree that's beyond your comprehension. Probaly even beyond your wildest imagination.

In the military, more than most places, example HAVE to be made - otherwise ALL discipline quickly goes right out the window. Anarchy ensues, lawlessness rules and all the guilty go free to do as they wish when they wish.And where ever they wish to and to whoever they wish to - including you and yours.

5:09 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...


I agree that we can't let the perpetrators go unpunished. I saw a lot of people saying, "don't punish the NCOs and privates from Abu Ghraib" when that shit hit the fan, but the fact is that these people have committed monstrous acts, and many of their comrades were in the same situation, and did not commit crimes.

But at the same time, I agree with Tom's larger point. Entire family killed? Bodies burned and mutilated? That's done often enough in Iraq with artillery and airstrikes.

But somehow it's OK, as long as you can say, "we fired missiles and rockets into a crowded neighborhood, but the only people we INTENDED to kill were insurgents."

6:07 pm  
Blogger Gert said...


This guy will be prosecuted and stands to receive the death penalty, from what I understand.

Those reporting on this story are right in doing so (including TOB).

But I would like to urge people to refrain from gratuitous anti-Americanism. Some of the reports that are published regarding American soldiers's crimes have bordered on hysteria.

War crimes are nothing new and aren't particularly American.

What we need is "cool heads"...

6:37 pm  
Blogger Declan said...

Well I spent thirty years in uniform and served as a peacekeeper during most of Lebanon's civil war and then again in Bosnia. In the army of a civilised country I'll be quick to add not the USA one.

Or to put it another way I've spent large part of my adult life trying to mitigate, not even undoing, just trying to mitigate the evil of American actions and policies. And while I agree with most of what Tom said this sort of shite drives me fucking spare:

"I'm ready to forgive this young man, for the terrible crime he commited, because in a way he is also a victim and after sufficient incarceration period, embrace him with a teared eye."

Really? And who exactly the fuck are you to forgive? Ever picked up a shot child's body Tom? Ever had to get two people to help you hold a kid down because he's been burnt and he's writhing like a maniac and shrieking? Tell me Tom you ever had to go into a house and literally shovel pieces of human being into a bag?

Maybe Tom you got a desperate email from a friend of your wife telling you that her patients are dieing because the USA won't permit cancer drugs into treat her patients. She's a pediatric oncologist Tom and her patients were some of the 100s of thousands of kids whose deaths Madeline Albright thought were "worth it"

Tell me Tom have you ever had your country invaded by a pack of racist bastards who think they can treat you as some sort of animal?

I've news for you Tom - you're displaying that most disgusting of American characteristics, moral arrogance, it's the root your country's barbarism when it comes to third world countrys.

I've more news for you Tom - the only people who have the right to forgive that young man and his partners in crime are that girl's family.

Old Brit sorry that my first comment here is of this calibre. We got an email from MFI today. He's left Baghdad and is now travellinh around he sounds royally effed off at what he's seeing and hearing but sounds otherwise well.

7:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If after serving years and years of hard time, this 'thing' proves he's paid an adequate price and that he's truly remorseful -- I just might be inclined to forgive him -- but not before.

And Gert,

I read your blog a lot because you make a lot of sence, usually. But this time, I take issue when you say

"War crimes are nothing new and aren't particularly American.

What we need is "cool heads"...

First sentence, I agree 100%.
Second sentence, I disagree 100%.

I say what we need are BIG LOUD mouths - every time we learn about things like this, no matter who the culprits are. Americans or not.

When enough people make enough noise, more people hear. When enough people hear, more people learn. When more people learn, they make even more noise.

When enough noise rises to a deafening level, first it's listened to by the top shits, then it's eventually stopped.

( But for how long, is anyone's guess. But that's another bridge to cross when we come to it)

Finally, I believe everyone I see here at the old Brits place is sincere. But I think some are misguded. And that's more a thing that I sigh about than something I criticise.

Bottom line? Bring the troops home. US, UK and what's left of the laughungly named coalition of the willing. Then, let a "proper" UN contingent go in to do what they were "invented" for. And it's only from that popint that anything will really start changing.

Even then it's a long hard slog.

btw - I hope Rosemary's right and I KNOW Declan is, and griffon and Richard. Gordo is - mainly.

End of my 2 penny worth.

7:54 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

I don't see any gratuitous anti Americanism here, but I do see signs of anti American-agression. You can put my name on that list no problem, but note that I'm anti British agression too. In fact I'm anti all agression.
Gratuitous aggression is the problem.
I'm not ashamed of being anti that, but I would be ashamed to be known as pro aggression. This is the 21st century fer chrissakes. If we all don't start acting civilised now when the hell will we?

9:08 pm  
Anonymous Martha said...

War? What war?

'W' won the war. He told us so. Yonks ago.

We're talking atrocities against civilians here, by foreign invader occupiers.

Untill you all get that into your heads, nothing's going to change.

I'm a peaceloving woman but I'll tell you all this. Hanging is too good for that low-life.

11:04 pm  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Well, I knew I was going to stir up controversy, but still the response was nearly overwhelming.

I am touched by all of your responses, but I particularly liked declan's passionate comment. That depth of feeling coming from that man doesn't come cheaply. It doesn't come without experiencing real heart-wreanching pain, indeed long periods of those numbing pain and anger when even a sliver a hope seems to be in an unreacheable distance. My heart has managed to sense a part of it declan, through your pained thoughts. It has shaken me to the core and I thank you for it.

I don't have to tell you, how every part of my body and every cell in my brain is against this vile wretched mission, but first and foremost against its Evil originators.
If you have any doubt check my first comment again.
I was streatching my linguistic skill, to be as hard and as forceful against the originators of these crimes as possible, but still stay within limits of literary eloquence.

If I would advocate death penalty, I would advocate death penalty against those people first, because I believe, that as one rises higher to enjoy the privilege of power, he/she should take the commensurate responsibility with him/her. Yet, I will disappoint another groups of people again, by saying, I will resign myself to be satisfied, to see those people to be only locked up to the rest of their life, with never a chance for parole.

Whatever those people did, including their responsibility in 9/11 and the rest of the wars and police state measures would require many lifetimes of incarcerations and they too have only one life. This is the dilemma Dracon has faced first, and there isn't much solution for that. If one kills thousand people, he still only have one life to offer for compensation.

I would like to see re-stitution paid, revolutionary, structural changes in the West but particularly in the US, confronting the complexity of issues including the undemocratic nature of its Elite, who have hi-jacked Democracy for their own purpose, for a long time now.

The US and the West where a renewed, purged and purified society finally confronts these issues and starts to work to alleviate the pains which had been caused by this Elite oligarchic system of governments both domestically as well as abroad, thus starting a healing process.

7:39 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

You make an important point, Martha.

The "war" (if it ever really was a war) is over. This is "occupation by a foreign power" and it's ugly. The so-called "enemy" is people trying to protect their homes and families and way of life, just as we would certainly be doing if the roles were reversed. There is no standing army, no air force, no tanks, just kalishnikovs(sp?). homemade bombs and homemade rockets. They want us out of there so they can solve their own problems, get the water and electricity services properly functioning, repair and rebuild schools and hospitals and bridges and so on.

So it is very true that it should not be judged by what's normal in a true war situation, as gert attempted to do.

Bush of course wants us to think of it as "war" so he can have all his extra "war powers" justified.

Many think most of those still supporting this continuing mess -- "can't-just-cut-and-run" kind of thinking -- would quickly begin to change their tune if we stopped using the term "war."

So let's all try to remember to use the term "occupation" as often as we can.

8:29 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...


I certainly understood where you were coming from when you made your first comment. I share this fear of letting ourselves get distracted from the big issues.

But sometimes the BIG issues are just too big to get a handle on, so we focus in on specific situations, where we can vent our outrage and let off some steam.

The specific situations, like this terrible atrocity, are often endemic too. Realizing that helps people fill in the big picture.

All the soldiers caught up in this occupation are victims. I shudder to think of the psychic damage they will bring home, whether or not they have been involved in specific crimes.

I doubt very much this one was an isolated event. How many similar atrocities will remain unreported and unpunished? Probably hundreds.

8:54 am  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Thanks rosemarie and God Bless You.

It's hard to keep up one's spirit nowadays, but only the thought that inspite the hundreds of millions spent on an all-permeating war propaganda, by the war mongers and war-profiteers, the clear majority of people continues to steadfastly disagree with the government and those who behind it, on this pivotal issue.

Maybe instead spreading Democracy by blood and tears somewhere else, (This was always a heinous lie anyway.) we should just start to doing it, with less violence, but much closer to home.

1:51 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Well, what a wealth of feelings. I often say thanks for all your input but this time that's not nearly adequate. I am truly indebted and proud to know you all.

With such people still around, spread around so many different countries it's a clear indication that the little light I see at the end of this dark, terrible tunnel is NOT a mirage nor is it halucination.

Blood, sweat and tears have gone into our comments box this time - that's plain for all to see.

As for myself, well, I said what I wanted to say when I put the original piece together. All I have to add is:

(a)I've since been 'told' that the raped, murdered and burned 'woman' was in fact, just a 14 years old girl.
(b) I wouldn't change a single word of what I said at the outset.

4:12 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

This is a rape/murder atrocity is disgraceful on many different levels. I might be wrong here but the only reason the facts are becoming known are because of an FBI investigation. I suspect if it was left up to the army this would be covered up. Before any of the real facts hit the press we were told of an arrest of former solder who was discharged for a 'personality disorder'. IMO the other members of this group are as guilty as the arrested man. One of them should have squealed long ago (it took 2 months before the team broke silence) This is exactly the kind of shit that turned people against returning troops in the Vietnam era. In reports I have read the family was being watched - clearly there was intent. The murderer and the rapist should get the the maximum ( I believe the young girl was raped twice by two different men) the other members of the team should also be charged as accessories for not immediately reporting the incident. There is no excuse for this behaviour. After all didn't the US and Britain go into Iraq to deliver the civilians from a dictator? However I don't think we will ever get to the facts of this case. The members of the team will face lesser charges for cooperating and I bet all aspects of this case will be under seal (i.e., only the Judge and counsel) will have access to all documents.

7:18 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Anyone and everyone reading about this awful atrocity, absolutely MUST read this brilliant piece of work by our very learned friend Mark, at his Gorilla's Guides blog.

Believe me, if ever there was 'required reading' -- then this most undoubtedly is.

8:40 pm  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

Damn these yankee bastards and their masters to a eternity in hell. And what's with the media describing the 14 or 15 year old child as a woman? she was a child victim of a premeditating bunch of cowardly motherf*ckers and the criminals should be described as paedophile, murdering rapist bastards. They MUST be tried and sentenced in same way as if they'd committed this vile crime against one of GW's twins. Can't say anymore as I'm incandescent with rage.

6:20 pm  
Blogger Declan said...

Not to blogwhore but mfi posted a follow up today.

I think you'll find it interesting Richard.

Tom you can squirm and make excuses all you like. The fact is that a child was raped and murdered and her family slaughtered. No doubt you mean well but from my non-American perspective this is all of a piece with the American delusion of "we're the good guys" - you're not. Which leads to "and we can do what we like and anyone who opposes us is evil and deserves the worst."

The fact that you felt you had the right to arrogantly take onto yourself demonstrates that in your personal attitudes you're exactly like every other citizen of every other colonial empire in that respect. That attitude is why you're not a force for good in the middle east you're a force for evil.

It's for the people against whom the attrocities were comitted to forgive and nobody else. In this case that means the two surviving children Ahmed aged 9 and Mohammed aged 11.

Certainly not you or any American you are after all the people who let the Bush government in. Less than half of you vote for God's sake.

All of that being said I'll give you credit for at least realising that there's a problem. And yes you'd better get cracking - if they get away with it in Iraq sooner or later they'll do it to whichever Americans they reckon are surplus to requirements.


Please spare us the "he could be facing the death penalty" that sort of detail is always breathlessly reported "he could face up to x years" how its arrived at is by adding all the possible sentences together. That's not how the courts actually do it. He'll mostly likely either walk free or get a slap on the wrist followed by some sort of "therapy." Also please spare us the "let's not excoriate them too much" - being told loudly rudely and agressively what a pack of either negligent (most of them) or out and out vicious (a fairly hefty minority) pack of scum they are is exactly what they need.

9:15 pm  
Anonymous Tom V. said...


I thought, to pass it on, but you are so persistent in myself being an American and it seem to be such a pivotal essence of your criticism, that it is better if I correct you.

Other than driving through the states twice via I75 from Detroit to Miami to enjoy the Florida sunshine during early 90's I have no further connection with that entity.

I was brought up in a Central European country and the vast majority of my education has happened in my birthplace.
I have residing in Canada, the last 22 years, but with the exception of a short English course, nothing much else is being contributed there toward my intellectual development.

My mentality is more or less remained an outspoken and bold central European as the constant irritation of my English Canadian compatriots toward my being (ie. both my radical opinions as well as my bold combative style)is a telling testimony to that effect.

1:09 pm  

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