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11 June 2006

Guantanamo, Camp Delta Triple Suicides - This Old Brit Readers' Poll ....

Being run on a weekly budget consisting solely of the small change remaining after a week existing on a pittance of a poor old Brit's pension, this blog couldn't possibly manage to maintain one of those hi-tech type, voting thingee mechanisms. Be it of the infamous designed-to-deceive, rigged 'Diebold' electronic models or not.

Therefore, for our first ever Old Brit reader-poll we invite you to simply type into the comments box, the appropriate alphabet letter. Hopefully, accompanied by some of those special common sense comments we've now become accustomed to expecting as a matter of course.

Please read both of these related BBC reports regarding the recent Guantanamo Bay, Camp Delta triple [so called] suicides.

Okay? Any questions?


Then here is ours.

Which of the following quotes sounds the most stupendously shocking and sickeningly stupid, shovel full of lying bullshit you've been subjected to and seriously expected to swallow, since the last lot of fixed American elections?

Is it (A).

The US says the detainees had other means of protest

A top US official has described the suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a "good PR move to draw attention".

Colleen Graffy told the BBC the deaths were part of a strategy and "a tactic to further the jihadi cause", but taking their own lives was unnecessary.

Or is it (B).

But earlier, the camp commander, Rear Adm Harris said he did not believe the men had killed themselves out of despair.

"They are smart. They are creative, they are committed," he said.

"They have no regard for life, either ours or their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us."

Or is it (C).

Ken Roth, head of Human Rights Watch in New York, told the BBC the men had probably been driven by despair.

"These people are despairing because they are being held lawlessly," he said.

"There's no end in sight. They're not being brought before any independent judges. They're not being charged and convicted for any crime."

That view was supported by British Muslim Moazzam Begg who spent three years in Guantanamo. He said of the camp's inmates: "They're in a worse situation than convicted criminals and it's an act of desperation."

Or is it (D).

The sister of a UK inmate of Guantanamo Bay has said she is "suspicious" about the suicides of three detainees at the US base in Cuba.

Amani Deghayes and her family have campaigned for the release of her brother Omar, 37, from Brighton, since his detention in 2002.

Ms Deghayes, from Kilburn, north London, said she did not know what to think about the suicides.

"I find it quite hard to believe they managed to kill themselves," she said.

Her suspicions have been raised, she explained, because inmates are allowed to have so few items in their cells.



Anonymous bluey said...

It's go to be a tie - between A and B.

1:02 am  
Anonymous this old trooper said...

You make me sick shithead. Screw you and your cowadrds lies.

1:21 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

It's a tough call, no doubt about it. But after much coughing and wretching, I'll give the final nod to "B". Not because of it's creative lying but because Rear Adm Harris is so very clearly out of his God. damned. pharking. barking. mad. mind.

I expect that deranged loonie has access to noocular weapons as well.

So it's "B" for me, as the most succinct verbal picture of lunacy I've come across in a long while.

2:59 am  
Blogger St!ff M!ttens said...

I have to say A. Here's why:

There are three basic components to this conundrum. 1) the quote must be "stupendously shocking." 2) it must be "sickeningly stupid." 3) It should resemble a "shovel full of lying bullshit."

With respect to quote B, clearly Admiral Harris is, as griffon points out, a loon. So it is not entirely shocking to me that he might make the sort of statement he made. In fact, I found his statement to be exactly what I'd expect from paranoid, Colonel-Jack-T-Ripper-style caricature. Similarly, because he is out of his tiny little mind, I feel that Admiral Harris actually believes his statement to be true and thus cannot be lying (see George Costanza, Seinfeld, episode 102). Thus Admiral Harris only scores a 1 out of 3.

In quote A, the suicides are referred to as a "good PR move" (stupendously shocking). The suicides are also described as a tactic to further the jihadi cause but that taking their own lives was unnecessary (sickeningly stupid - how can a suicide tactic not require taking your own life?). It is also suggested in quote A that the detainees had other means of protest (lying bullshit - what other means? Even Arlen Spector was stone-walled when he tried to hold hearings down in Gitmo). That's 3 out of 3 for the win.

4:59 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

St!ff M!ttens,
You win, mate, hands down! But in my defense, I did give it the nod for lunacy rather than lying. Clearly I didn't read the question properly which might account for my school record.
Again, well done, masterful.

There's a great article over on Informationclearinghouse by Dahr Jamail on deconstructing the PR spin.

8:46 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

I was thinking a dead heat. Now stiff has me thinking again. Hmm.

Btw, old trooper -- keep taking the tablets.

12:44 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

I fell in the same trap griffon did, by not reading the question carefully enough.

I agree Stiff Mittens goes to the head of the class!

1:46 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

A AND B: they're both shockingly disgusting.

4:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure which of A and B is worst. I agree with stiff mittens that the general is crazy though.

Have you noticed how the ape still refers to them in the present tense, as though they were still alive?

Yep! He's obviously a dangerous idiot. And some other idiots made him a general? Duh!!!!!!!!!

4:32 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

I will also weigh in with a tie for A and B. Don't forget people this administration is pro-life and CARES ABOUT PEOPLE!

5:48 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

A tie for a & b from me also.

7:05 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

PS: I suspect "old trooper" should actually read "old trouper" as in member of a troupe of dangerously deranged chimpanzees ....

7:08 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

I thought 'Old Trooper' meant trouper as in chorus girls - silly me!

7:44 pm  
Anonymous me said...

Photo finish between A and B, I'd say.

If the question had been which I thought was the most sensible quote, I'd have voted D.

7:55 pm  
Anonymous a regular reader said...

Suicided. That's the word.

Maybe the next ones will crucify themselves.

See this picture ~ then see if you 'get the picture'.

The BBC pic editor who chose this one from the many thousands available is definately making a statement - imoho.

8:35 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

I'm going with B. Here's why:

People have actually used suicide in order to publicize injustice. They do so publicly, of course, not within the confines of a cell in a prison in the middle of nowhere. But A is not quite as shameless as B.

Because nobody has ever hanged himself as a means of asymmetric warfare. David did not confront Goliath by hanging himself.

I didn't think D was likely, but at murdering someone for to cover your crimes would make sense to a person with no morality. So it's at least plausible.

9:44 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

"Madrid, 12 June (AKI) - The National Court - Spain's terrorism and organised crime tribunal - on Monday announced it will investigate the alleged use of Spanish airports by US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) flights for the illegal transfer of terrorism suspects to secret jails around the world. "

"Terrorism and organised crime eh? hmmmm ....

1:18 am  
Blogger Cassandra said...

I'm going with "A" for pretty much the same reason that Griffon rationalized his answer of "B". Because the horse's rear admiral Harris is completely insane, he believes the crap he spouts whereas the official line is so much obvious, unadulterated cover-our-asses bull that it wins hands down.

8:23 am  
Anonymous maurice said...

I'm another who can't decide between A and B. Sorry.

But I DO 'get' the picture. And I do 'get' the crucifixtion reference, which is more than all those pseudo-Christains are likely to.

7:42 pm  
Blogger Tom said...

“C” because if we do not arrest and hold all the people we want to without reason, how can we continue to make peace loving people in the US and abroad afraid enough to continue to fight a war on an idea? People will start asking questions if they ever read what the Geneva Convention says about prisoners or heaven forbid someone reads the Constitution.

Just kidding, it’s a toss-up between A and B.

3:30 pm  
Blogger manxome said...

A, because it makes a better propoganda catapult than the drivel in B and thus do more damage.

10:10 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I think I'll leave declaring 'a result' for this poll for a while longer. I'm still so interested in seeing all the comments that come in. As usual, thanks for the links too.

And a special mention for old pooper, the shithead specialist - you forgot to cast your vote, and btw what does "... cowadrds..." mean?

6:03 pm  

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