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19 July 2006

Lebanon: BushAmerica To Fellow Americans: Pay And Go - Or Don't, And Die ...


In the hope that our blogger-mate Mark from Ireland won't mind too much, we've borrowed from his great 'Gorilla's Guides' blog, the above artist's impression of "The New Lebanese Flag".

Speaks for itself wouldn't you say?

Sort of says it all, eh?

But we're certain that there'll be absolutely no problems regarding reproducing the link below, flagged to us by another Old Brit acquaintance, from Australia, going by the name Griffon -- who really is a remarkable regular researcher/contributor/commenter.

But before clicking on the the link, examine this excerpt: it'll help you figure in advance the kind of report awaiting you when you arrive.

Friendly Fire: Americans Caught in a Bush-Backed Circle of Slaughter
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Written by Chris Floyd

Tuesday, 18 July 2006
Excerpt: A five-ship United States naval group and a British flotilla steamed toward Lebanon today to help in a large and hastily organized evacuation and perhaps to send an implicit message as thousands of foreign nationals continued to flee the violence by helicopter, passenger ships and chartered ferries, or by bus or car to Syria.

And many Americans said they were distressed to learn they would have to pay their own evacuation costs.

We can only suppose that that must be the BushAmerican way, eh?

Never give some suckers any even break. Capitalism at all costs. The free market method must be made the most of.

Pay and Go - or - Don't and Die.

Oh, and have a nice day, eh?

Okay, before the rant we sense is all set to explode on the scene - does exactly that - read the rest of Chris Floyd's report at his own super site,
'Empire Burlesque'.



Blogger bootlian said...


* Robert Fisk in Beirut: Israeli Assault on Lebanon Inflicting "Mass
Punishment on a Whole People" *

The Israeli attack on Lebanon has entered its second week and the death toll now stands at about 300, nearly all Lebanese civilians. We go to Beirut to speak with Robert Fisk, chief Middle East correspondent for the London Independent. Fisk discusses the assault on Lebanon, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, the role of Syria and Iran in the crisis, embedded reporters in the Israeli military and more.


* Protests Across U.S. and Around the World Call for End to Israel
Bombardment of Lebanon *

Protests were held around the world yesterday in response to Israel's assault on Lebanon and Palestine. From San Francisco to Cairo, Montreal to Rome, tens of thousands took to the streets to call for an end to Israeli
aggression in the Middle East. We go to Dearborn, Michigan to speak with the publisher of "The Arab American" newspaper.


10:16 pm  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Thanks for the nod, Richard.

And thanks for the links, Bootlian. Welcome.

I like Fisk's idea of the Lebanese suing Lockeed and Boeing. If it were ever possible to pull it off, then it just may stop the practice of armaments being made by private companies for profit with the obvious conflict of interest these companies then have with the rest of the world including their own home nation.

If armamnets HAVE to be made, they should be made by governments at governmnent expense for the DEFENCE of that nation and not onsold to anyone else.

Armaments should be rightly seen as an expense to the economy of a country not an investment in that economy.

If you, as a nation, make armaments profitable to manufacture and sell, what the f*** do you think is going to happen?

Who's going to buy off your politicians to place more orders for more bombs?

Who's going to end up running your country?

And who's going to start wars to make even more money?


12:32 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Over 50 years ago I took an Economics class in which the prof said something similar, griffon. Something about how armaments making corporations were distinctly different from any other kind of corporation in their contribution to the overall economy. They do provide jobs, directly for workers and indirectly for sub-contractors, but that's all.

Their only customer is the government, so there is NO PRICE COMPETITION, none of the supply vs demand rules apply, there is no incentive to produce more efficiently, and so on. It did not mean a whole lot to me then (I was just a small-town girl getting my first taste of university education).

Years later I took a seminar in connection with an accounting job. The seminar dealt with how to prepare the billings for government contracts. I'm sure you know how that works! Cost-plus, cost-plus, cost-plus ... the higher you can show the costs to be, the more profit the corporation makes.

The pieces all fell into place!

5:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's only the same way the US whole healthcare system works. To aliterate like you know who.

My fellow Americans. Fork out -- or f*ck off!

The Brit health service takes care of it's own -- from cradle to grave.

The US? From conception to birth.

10:30 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

You'll have to colour that tree even redder, from what I hear Richard.

Heaven help them.

11:59 pm  

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