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15 August 2006

Lebanon, Israel And America's Blind Eye ...

Andrew Gumbel is an excellent English journalist and successful author living in and working out of Los Angeles. He also happens to be one of the best none-whore media men still around, especially in modern day Bushamerica.

He's eminently experienced in what he does best -- getting the truth out -- even if and when it hurts. He's well traveled, well educated, well versed and well informed with regard to the things that matter most (or should do), to the regular man & woman in the street. In a nutshell Andrew Gumbel is one of the good guys, and you can take our word on that since we have it on the (very), best authority.

Moreover, Gumbel's a guy whose press reports and other writings should be required reading in the United States. Yet he's a man whose name won't ring many bells with most regular Americans. And that's a shame, since they simply don't know what they're missing -- in many more ways than one.

Here's a snip of a piece of his, published just today in one of Britain's best selling mainstream newspapers 'The Independent', for which he writes regularly.

America's one-eyed view of war: Stars, stripes, and the Star of David

There are two sides to every conflict - unless you rely on the US media for information about the battle in Lebanon. Viewers have been fed a diet of partisan coverage which treats Israel as the good guys and their Hizbollah enemy as the incarnation of evil.

Andrew Gumbel reports from Los Angeles - 15 August 2006

If these were normal times, the American view of the conflict in Lebanon might look something like the street scenes that have electrified the suburbs of Detroit for the past four weeks.

In Dearborn, home to the Ford Motor Company and also the highest concentration of Arab Americans in the country, up to 1000 people have turned out day after day to express their outrage at the Israeli military campaign and mourn the loss of civilian life in Lebanon. At one protest in late July, 15,000 people - almost half of the local Arab American population - showed up in a sea of Lebanese flags, along with anti-Israeli and anti-Bush slogans.

A few miles to the north, in the heavily Jewish suburb of Southfield, meanwhile, the Congregation Shaarey Zedek synagogue has played host to passionate counter-protests in which the US and Israeli national anthems are played back to back and demonstrators have asserted that it is Israel's survival, not Lebanon's, that is at stake here.

Such is the normal exercise of free speech in an open society, one might think. But these are not normal times.

Here's another tasty teaser taken from the same story.

It is not just the US media which tilts in a pro-Israeli direction. Congress, too, is remarkably unified in its support for the Israeli government, and politicians more generally understand that to criticize Israel is to risk jeopardising their future careers.

When Antonio Villaraigosa, the up-and-coming Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles, was first invited to comment on the Middle East crisis, he sounded a note so pro-Israeli that he was forced to apologise to local Muslim and Arab community leaders.

There is far less public debate of Israeli policy in the US, in fact, than there is in Israel itself.
Then there's this quick clip & paste.

"There is no major figure in American political life who has been willing to raise the issue of the legitimate needs of the Palestinian people, or even talk about them as human beings," Lerner said.

"The organised Jewish community has transformed the image of Judaism into a cheering squad for the Israeli government, whatever its policies are.

That is just idolatry, and goes against all the warnings in the Bible about giving too much power to the king or the state."
Read the rest of his latest report.


Anonymous martha said...

I confess I'd not read or heard of this guy before. That's all changed now. Thanks so much for this Old Brit ... Gumbel seems like a treasure.

9:47 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

Well, Amewikah is a Liberal Democacy, isn't it?

Freedom, FreedoM, FreedOM, FreeDOM, FreEDOM... FREEDOM (in crescendo, all together now!)

It's clear proof that whilst I, and most who congregate here, embrace the principles of Liberal Democracy, these principles can be perverted at the drop of a hat or for the price of a hamburger.

Of the conflict in the ME, 99% of Amewikans don't understand even the first thing, often even less than that. Amewikan support for Israel didn't really start till about 1967 anyway, now they believe Israel has always been around and has always been an Amewikan ally...

Yet Amewikan support of Israel is almost 100%. They're just watching another movie, with John Wayne as Israel and take your pick for the bad guy.

What's worse, a blockbuster about Israel/Palestine/Lebanon is probably in the making as we speak... Just to make sure they get their dollars back (several billion a year)...

And they rule the world: what chance have we got?

10:28 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

This video shows the IDF shooting an unarmed, rotesting Lebanese villager. It's a must see.

12:20 am  
Blogger Sophia said...

Richard, I remember once director Robert Altman saying that there is a lack of diversity of ways of life in the states. He is right and this big country, which was seen by many as the champion of individuality, still function very much as a small community which level its individuals for fear of novelty and change, very much as the first community of settlers who arrived fleeing Europe's religious persecutions lived with strong religious beliefs and witch hunt to tighten the consensus!
And like in every small community consensus is more important than debate because consensus constrains movement up the social ladder and help the ruling class keep its privileges. In this regard the US are not a democracy, they are more an oligarchy ! Of course, every now and then an individual can reach up, it is called the American dream but this is made possible in order to prevent people from moving up the social ladder en masse !

Thanks for highlighting this article !

1:42 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Thanks for posting this piece....and to gert and other friends here I have to defend my crappy country- NOT ALL people here do agree with how Lebanon was treated and is being treated- Only Bushco slime are waving a big flag for all in other places have no idea that we don't support Isreal...So I have to apologize and say I am so sorry for my awful country and that I can't defend this awful state of being...and yes, I am ashamed...America is being run by Haves- and most of Havenots KNOW that our votes are in a toilet somewhere and that we are screwed...and that "our" country has hurt other countries- but we don't know what to me a single mom, a nurse, not rich....I blog and do what little I can to fight back..and I wish I could do more....

3:57 am  
Anonymous harper said...

Great article, Richard!

And I agree, Gumbel is a treasure.

5:23 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

I found Gumbel a year or so ago and try to read him as often as I can. He's definitely one of the best around.

1:36 pm  
Blogger Tom said...

Nice find, Richard. Putting it up give you full cred! thanks

5:02 pm  
Anonymous mark abbott said...

Another of your marvelous finds, Richard -- Ambassador Craig Murray -- is finally getting some notice at one of the bigger U.S. blogs:

Murray's quite skeptical of the latest terror plot & alert ... the americablog item links back to Murray's own blog.

But we read about him HERE first, thanks to you!

10:04 pm  
Anonymous mark abbott said...

By the way, Murray's thorough debunking of the plane-bomb scare is at this Aug. 14 item at his website.

(OK, now I've figured out how to do embedded links in your comments, thanks for bearing with me!)

10:31 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks again everyone, for both your support and extra info/links.

Enigma, don't worry about apologising. We know full well that you are NOT amongst those to be blamed. Your own blog is testament to that. One day, maybe you'll be in the majority - let's hope so.

4:27 pm  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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8:07 am  

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