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14 August 2006

Israel & Lebanon: Truce? Cease Fire? The Winner? The Loser?

We've not a lot left to say about the latest Israel and Lebanon debacle; not at this particular point in time.

So today we'll settle for passing just the following three personal opinions.

1./ Israel's originally stated objective at the outset of all that's recently happened, was the location and repatriation of two missing IDF soldiers.

Therefore, in our eyes the mighty Israeli military machine simply couldn't cut it -- with or without big brother Bush's and little cousin Blair's varied & various brands of 'backing'.

2./ The last time we looked, there was [as usual] only one clear and undisputed winner in all this chaos -- the US Military Industrial Complex -- or rather the relatively small and select band of mega-rich, major stockholding bandits.

But then what's new?

3./ It's as well that neither This Old Brit nor Richard have ever been betting men. Since the way we see something else soon set to hit the headlines in Israel [and elsewhere], it's no more than a toss-up as to who will survive the longest.

Ariel Sharon, in this life's mortal coil -- or Ehud Olmert, in his present premiership position.

Either way, to be brutally honest and fearlessly frank, along with many others -- we could not care less.



Blogger Sophia said...


What you said about winners and losers makes a lot of sense to me. The Lebanese are not the winners neither the Hezbollah, not after the destruction brought upon them and especially upon the shiite population by Israel
Israel is not the winner neither. What irritates me is that they claimed that they were going after the soldiers but they didn't discuss the return of their soldiers in the UN resolution, they forgot about them so preoccupied by imposing constraints on Hezbollah and Lebanon for which they thanked Bush. There was a protest in Israel yesterday about the issue !

10:28 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

Meanwhile back the ranch (Gaza) -

" Gulf News reported a claim by Dr Al Saqqa, Head of the Emergency Unit of El Shifa Hospital, Gaza on 7-07-06 that the Israeli Occupation Force was using a new 'chemical' weapon. He has worked at El Shifa for ten years. He had noted that two hundred and more casualties of Summer Rain (sic) had unusual wounds. These numbers included about fifty children. Later evidence from Dr Al Saqqa described surface wounds as having the general appearance of those due to 'shrapnel' – fragments from shell, missile or bomb casings – but no fragments were to be seen on Xray. There were usually entry and exit wounds. When the wounds were explored no foreign material was found. There was tissue death, the extent of which was difficult to determine. It is vital, especially with deep wounds, to excise all dead tissue. A higher deep infection rate resulted with subsequent amputation. In spite of amputation there was a higher mortality."

Are New Weapons Being Used In Gaza and Lebanon
David Halpin MB BS FRCS

The people who designed, funded, built and deployed these weapons are guilty of war crimes and have forteited their humanity. They have sold their souls for power and/or money.

I wonder if the Israeli Army will really throw a tantrum in Gaza now?

11:20 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

You said "soon to hit the headlines" Richard. Ha. You were so right. There's soon and then theres soon.

Look at this - already.

'Blame war' looms for Israel leaders
By Jonathan Marcus
Diplomatic correspondent, BBC News

A new war is about to erupt on Israel's home front; indeed the first skirmishes have already begun.

The coming struggle may decide Ehud Olmert's political future

It will be a war of recriminations and blame, but it will also be a struggle to determine the true lessons of the fighting in Lebanon.

It is a struggle from which few of Israel's political or military leaders may emerge unbruised.

And it is a struggle that will determine the fate not just of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, but also of his plan to withdraw Israeli settlers from significant parts of the occupied West Bank.

Almost from the outset, the government's conduct of this conflict confused the Israeli public and confounded many of the country's most experienced defence experts.

There was the initial reliance upon air power to deal with the Hezbollah missile threat.

Then there was a series of ground incursions a short way into Lebanon, which produced fierce skirmishes but little change to the overall strategic picture.

Then, almost at the same time as the United Nations was putting the final touches to a new Security Council resolution to end the fighting, there was Israel's last-minute push northwards towards the Litani River.

More here.

3:15 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

You've managed to do it again Richard. So few words ~ so much truth.

5:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got patience Brit, I'll say that for you. I lost mine with Israel AND their American partners in crimes a long time ago. They do NOT WANT to hear, let alone consider, anyone except themselves. As dumbya infamously once spat out - "Who CARES what you think?"

5:50 pm  
Anonymous me said...

Sharon's a decaying vegetable and Olmert's a piece of bread - burned bread - toast.

Who said there's no justice in the world?

9:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hasn't Hell let Sharon in .. YET?

3:16 pm  
Blogger Jrum said...

That may all be true, but what happened to the water and land grab theory. As I understand it, "Iran will conduct feasibility studies regarding transfer of Iranian oil via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Afshar Suleymani said. An Azerbaijani delegation is set to arrive in Iran to discuss BTC use and the exportation of Iranian gas to Azerbaijan."

How does that fit into the previous suggestions about BTC, the Litani and the motives for this war? Where are you markfromireland?

And just to show you that I'm not all bad, you may find these worth your time:


9:16 pm  
Blogger rosemary said...

Jrum, thanks for those two links!

The first one is to a video that ought to be spread around - Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land.

It goes far in explaining why most Americans and U.S. politicians have such a poor attitude toward Palestinians along with almost 100% support for Israel, and why they NEVER discuss the subject in mixed company (or at all, really). And why this attitude is not shared in Britain or Europe.

Never doubt that Israel has been conducting a Public Relations propaganda war in America for the last 30-40 years. It's been very effective.

The juxtaposition of U.S. TV news and leading newspaper headlines compared to what the Brits see and hear on their news about the same events is mind-boggling.

7:52 pm  

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