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29 January 2009

See & hear urgent Gaza humanitarian aid appeal, banned by 'top brass' BBC bums

We sincerely wish to apologise in advance for not publishing this particular piece sooner.

We also offer our apologies to any of our readers who may be offended by the above banner ...

... but unfortunately we couldn't find one using stronger language.

Arwh, whatever.

There are many mere lesser mortals (with much more humanity and honesty than those supposedly above them ), to be found among ordinary, everyday, honest, hard working Beeb employees -- including some of the fast becoming increasingly crappy BBC's real journalists.

Witness this cut & pasted taster:


Meanwhile, the BBC is facing a growing revolt from its own journalists, with sources reporting "widespread disgust" within its newsrooms. However, BBC staff have said they have been told they face the sack if they speak out on the issue.

Sources said there was "fury" at the BBC News morning meeting today about the decision, with news editors saying they had not been consulted on the move to not show the appeal.

"Feelings are running extremely high and there is widespread disgust at the BBC's top management," one BBC News source said. "There is widespread anger and frustration at the BBC's refusal to allow people to speak out about it."

Members of the NUJ at London's Television Centre are expected to tomorrow pass a resolution condemning the BBC's decision.

Good on you guys & gals, sez we,

Read the rest of the report, which includes the appeal video itself, in it's entirety.

And ...

Good on the United Nations' boss too, who's told the BBC big-boys straight - to effin' forget the planned interview with him.

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Blogger Gert said...

It remains an unbelievable decision. In this "attempt at impartiality" they've [top management] shown exactly what side their bread is buttered on...

6:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They day Greg Dyke was 'eliminated' was the beging of the end at the BBC. It's been going downhill ever since.

Look how much honest to goodness British broadcast journalist talent has gone to Al-Jazeera.

7:37 pm  
Anonymous anonymous - 2 said...

And to think what everyone used to say about Pravda.

Of course the BBC is now under the government's thumb. It is soooooo obvious.

ITV aired the appeal without a second thought. Yet ITV is without doubt THE second most important TV chanel - AND - the undisputed number one commercial channel. It HAS to rely on big advertisers in order to exist.
The curent BBC is a load of BOLLOCKS and it's run by a load PRICKS.

12:02 am  
Blogger the real old b****er said...

The National Broadcaster~revered all around the World for it's quality and impartiality...."Those were the days!"
This is an unbelievably crass decision;And please don't mention Jonathan Somebody or other,that standard bearer of high broadcasting ideals;Symptomatic of the decline in the B.B.C.'s ethos.

Trumped by the other channels,on a stupid,bogus argument of protecting wonder we get angry!

8:16 pm  

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