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23 January 2009

Israel-Gaza latest : Senior Saudi Royal Family Prince, Wades In To Warn The USA

We couldn't care a tinker's cuss what Faux-Fox, and/or any of their lying ilk, might or might not say.

When such a senior member of Saudi Arabia's ruling Royal Family says something so straightforward (and so strongly) as that that follows, then we'd all best pin back our lug-holes and pay attention. Especially, those in the know, in the USA.

Since super-sized-surprise-international-news-wise ~ this is about as big as it gets.

A prominent member of the Saudi royal family is warning the Obama administration that failure to alter US attitudes towards the Arab-Israeli conflict radically would threaten the kingdom’s “special relationship” with the US and could force Riyadh to abandon its own support for a peaceful resolution of the dispute.

In an article in Thursday’s Financial Times, Prince Turki al-Faisal, former Saudi intelligence chief and former ambassador to Washington", says that if the US wants to continue playing a leadership role in the Middle East and maintain its strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, it “will have to drastically revise its policies vis-à-vis Israel and Palestine”.

Days after the end of Israel’s three-week Gaza offensive, he says the Bush administration, which supported the onslaught, had left a “sickening legacy in the region”.

And while Saudi Arabia has so far resisted Iranian calls to lead a “jihad” against Israel, “eventually the kingdom will not be able to prevent its citizens from joining the worldwide revolt against Israel”.
Read the full (London) 'Financial Times' report right here.

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Anonymous kiwi said...

This trouble's been brewing for a while. How Obama handles Israel's ruling lunatics could change the shape of the middle east for the better or for.............

no........on second thoughts I don't even want to contemplate that.

1:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel has been so busy digging it's own grave for so long that it forgot when to stop digging.

What a laugh that while it's all been going on, their "powerful friends" in the US were more than happy to sell them more and more "shovels".

Sheesh. They are sooo smart that they couldn't see the sucker punch coming. Bush, Cheney and crew gave them the go ahead for this latest war crime, but gave them no gurantees regarding things backfiring after they lost the White House. How could they?

Oh what a tangled web has been woven.

And now the civilised world has a brand new housekeeper, complete with new broom.

2:10 am  
Anonymous sircivserve said...

While America is undisputedly the strongest power when meassured in terms of military, Saudi Arabia has more than most folk realise when it comes to "smart" power.

Over the years I'v lost count of the times Saudi has "had it's way" - without hardly a voiced being raised by the international politicians and, to a slightly lesser degree, the media.

Remember that one of Blair's "last chances" to turn himself into a president rather than remain a mere prime minister (1st among equals), remember the recent bribery scandal and the brilliant work already done by the Brit police and others? The one that Blair simply "dictated" be stopped in it's tracks?


Though it's not widely known in the public domain, this truly was one of the "last straws" as far as parliment, rule by cabinet and even "the men in grey suits", "the mandarins" and "The Establishment" were concerned.

And never forget that all "Royals" talk to fellow "Royals" on a pretty regular basis. Their class will NOT under any circumstances risk losing their so called "above politics" ~ real political power.

Even when Saudi merely "whispers" something then you can bet you life that those that "matter" listen, learn and act. So when such obviously strong criticism [condemnation, even] is aired so publicly - "something" is serious.

Then, when such a revered "establishment" organ like London's Financial Times makes public such an interview as this Saudi Royal WANTED to take place and WANTED to be published by The Financial Times ~~~~~~~~~~

Well I'm sure most of your readers can figure out the rest for themselves.

Btw, remember America pulled almost ALL of it's military from Saudi very suddenly and very surprisingly ~~~~~ BEFORE launching it's attack on Iraq? All the crap explanations at the time about "The New Europe" being the US's nwere priority were just that ~~~ crap. The Saudis had told them "NOT in our name", as had millions of ordinary folk around the world. The Saudi's of course, were listened to, understood and [once more] appeased.

12:04 pm  
Blogger the real old b****er said...

Now! When somebody with "real clout" makes this kind of pronouncement,then all should sit up and take notice;Obviously,markers must be set out when dealing with a new leader,and some "Sabre-Rattling" is to be expected,but...the situation in the Middle-East has the potential to derail everything that the "new-broom" is trying to achieve.
Proceed with extreme caution,Mr.President...

8:23 pm  

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