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27 October 2008

The Third World War ... Continued


Whether you've already read Gordo's 'World War' post or not, you must read this.


Reality can be detected, however, by applying the Orwell Rule and inverting public pronouncements and headlines, such as “Aggressor Russia facing pariah status, US warns”, thereby identifying the correct pariah; or by crossing the invisible boundaries that fix the boundaries of political and media discussion.

(Big snip)

In the meantime, an American invasion of Pakistan is under way, secretly authorised by President Bush.

The “change” candidate for president, Barack Obama, had already called for an invasion and more aircraft and bombs.

The ironies are searing. A Pakistani religious school attacked by American drone missiles, killing 23 people, was set up in the 1980s with CIA backing. It was part of Operation Cyclone, in which the US armed and funded mujahedin groups that became al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The aim was to bring down the Soviet Union. This was achieved; it also brought down the Twin Towers.

On 20 September the inevitable response to the latest invasion came with the bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. For me, it is reminiscent of President Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia in 1970, which was planned as a diversion from the coming defeat in Vietnam. The result was the rise to power of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. Today, with Taliban guerrillas closing on Kabul and Nato refusing to conduct serious negotiations, defeat in Afghanistan is also coming.

It is a war of the world.

In Latin America, the Bush administration is fomenting incipient military coups in Venezuela, Bolivia, and possibly Paraguay, democracies whose governments have opposed Washington’s historic rapacious intervention in its “backyard”. Washington’s “Plan Colombia” is the model for a mostly unreported assault on Mexico. This is the Merida Initiative, which will allow the United States to fund “the war on drugs and organised crime” in Mexico – a cover, as in Colombia, for militarising its closest neighbour and ensuring its “business stability”.

Britain is tied to all these adventures – a British “School of the Americas” is to be built in Wales, where British soldiers will train killers from all corners of the American empire in the name of “global security”.

Some are certain to ask, who the hell's the smart ass saying World War 111 is already underway?

Sad to say, the man concerned is no smart ass at all. Far from it, in fact. He's a man in the know. He's also a man who's not afraid to stand on any rooftop whilst shouting out the truth.

He's an internationally applauded & acclaimed, multi-award winning film maker, author and 'genuine' journalist.

Incidentally, does anyone here still remember genuine journalism?

*(Cross posted across at 'appletree')

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do they hate us?

6:17 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Jesus! It looks like Pilger (ok and you) were right. India's been set alight. Pakistan's to be blamed. Pakistan's going to get it. Just as Obama said it should, would, whatever.

Change!? Change!?

For fuck's sakes dont get me started.

10:43 pm  

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