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25 October 2008

Mad McCain Clan : 'First (super-short-fuse) Family'?

Irritability infested/infected genes?

Troubling family trait?

Poor parental guidance?

Absolute absence of any semblance of some sort of good guidence?

Obvious lack of self control?

Learned (loutish) behaviour?

Delusions of grandeur disease?

Some sort of serious, and ultimately self destructive, self-impotance syndrome?

Flat out, fatally flawed?

Plain old common or garden plonker/pillock?

We wish we knew.

One thing we do know, for definite, is that the last thing this planet needs right now (or at any time at all), is an even 'hotter' empty head in the White House than the world has already endured - for eight full f*cking years.

McCain's brother apologizes for calling 911

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