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20 October 2008

Powell Says He Supports Obama. So Sodding What?


We see that that old Yank, Colin-the water carrier-Powell is backing Barack.

So what?

We, along with many millions more worldwide, warmly welcome almost anything/anyone helping to hamper and/or humble the unarguable ogre that the American, Republican political party machine has lately, increasingly become.

However, also along with many millions more worldwide, we won't ever forgive or forget the shameful and sickening sins of some certain super-callous and completely uncaring American military cretins. Never. Not ever.

It's for that reason that today we say: "So what?"

Understand? Powell can back whoever he wants to for all we care. It won't make him any better a man than he's already shown himself to be. On many more occasions than we can count. Witness, for example the numerous ways he happily helped BushCo begin buggering up the whole wide world, before he finally was 'persuaded' to simply up-sticks and sod off out of it.

But, as is all too often our ancient generation related wont, we digress ...

My Lai massacre horror and the part played by a young, ingratiatingly ever eager to please, Colin Powell in the cover up mission.

An ultra, uber-miserable mission which eventually, and undoubtedly damned deservedly, finally flat-out failed in the most mega-miserable manner imaginable.

Shown above (whilst still unashamedly shaming a uniform he could well have worn with pride), is the slimy killer scumbag, US Army Lt William Calley, mass murderer and war criminal of Vietnam (international) infamy.

At the time of typing, said sad shortass of a shit is still alive and well, in Atlanta Georgia. Enjoying life and liberty as
he currently continues strutting free and easy, in his very own 'home of the brave and land of the free'.


Please pass us a puke-pail. Pronto.

('This Old Brit' personally recommended, related reading.)

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