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24 October 2008

Heard about the hideous JAMES HOWSON?


Baby killer given life sentence

The judge said Howson had shown no remorse

A father who murdered his baby daughter by snapping her spine will spend at least 22 years in prison.

James Howson, 25, was given a life sentence at Leeds Crown Court for the murder of 16-month-old Amy at their home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

He was convicted of murder on Tuesday after a jury heard he held Amy over his knee and broke her back in two.
Emphasis, most emphatically, all our own work.

Further words fail us.

Read the rest and weep.

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Here's a photo from 'The Sun' of the lovely little Amy in life.

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Anonymous bootlean said...

Here's a prediction.
This "thing" won't last long inside. Either he'll top himself or someone else will do it for him.


10:06 pm  

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