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04 May 2008

Rumsfeld Tried To Blame Generals For His Own Screw-Ups

Overwhelmed by shame, Rumsfeld plucks his own eyes out

After the initial invasion of Iraq, General Ricardo Sanchez was given 30,000 men and put in charge of keeping the peace. Within a year, the country was in chaos, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was looking for someone to blame. Here's how Sanchez describes his last meeting with Rumsfeld:

Secretary Rumsfeld then pulled out a two-page memo and handed it to me. "I wrote this after a promotion interview about two weeks ago," he explained. "The officer told me that one of the biggest mistakes we made after the war was to allow CENTCOM and CFLCC to leave the Iraq theater immediately after the fighting stopped — and that left you and V Corps with the entire mission."

"Yes, that's right," I said.

"Well, how could we have done that?" he said in an agitated, but adamant, tone. "I knew nothing about it. Now, I'd like you to read this memo and give me any corrections."

In the memo, Rumsfeld stated that one of the biggest strategic mistakes of the war was ordering the major redeployment of forces and allowing the departure of the CENTCOM and CFLCC staffs in May�June 2003.

"This left General Sanchez in charge of operations in Iraq with a staff that had been focused at the operational and tactical level, but was not trained to operate at the strategic/operational level." He went on to write that neither he nor anyone higher in the Administration knew these orders had been issued, and that he was dumbfounded when he learned that Gen. McKiernan was out of the country and in Kuwait, and that the forces would be drawn down to a level of about 30,000 by September. "I did not know that Sanchez was in charge," he wrote.

I stopped reading after I read that last statement, because I knew it was total BS.

Take some anti-nausea medication and read the rest here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bliar - Petreus in Iraq, Dan O'Neill in Afghanistan - Let's give them their day in court. They can explain as much as they want then.


8:08 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

A total cock-up by a load of nerds? Or, a carefully crafted plan to allow Iraq to sink into chaos and provide the excuse for the US to remain there (smack in the center of the Middle east) for the next......according to McCain, one hundred years? Would there have been any requirement for the huge "embassy", military superbases, if Iraq had returned quickly to normality after the invasion?

6:13 pm  

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