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27 April 2008

Babies seized by Robert Mugabe's forces as Zimbabwe hounds voters


What will be the next horror that Robert Mugabe unleashes on his country?

Now that it's become clear that Robert Mugabe has lost Zimbabwe's presidential and parliamentary elections, his supporters are employing extraordinary tactics in an attempt to win an anticipated runoff through voter intimidation. They are calling their efforts Operation Where Did You Put Your Cross?

Scores of children and babies have been locked up in filthy prison cells in Harare as Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president, sinks to new depths in his campaign to force the opposition into exile before an expected run-off in presidential elections.

Twenty-four babies and 40 children under the age of six were among the 250 people rounded up in a raid on Friday, according to Nelson Chamisa, spokesman for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Yesterday they were crammed into cells in Southerton police station in central Harare. The families were rounded up from MDC headquarters, where they had sought refuge from violence in the countryside.

Thought to be directed by top military officers, Operation Where Did You Put Your Cross? has prompted thousands to flee. They are trying to escape the so-called war veterans, who are attacking people and burning down hundreds of houses for voting “incorrectly” in last month’s elections.

“The only game in town is a run-off,” said George Sibotshiwe, Tsvangirai’s spokesman. “The recount was just to buy them time to smash people’s heads in, so when they go for a run-off nobody will even be thinking of voting.”

The regime’s strategy is to ensure that by the time of the run-off, Mugabe would have a clean sweep in rural areas, where 70% of Zimbabweans live. A police officer admitted yesterday that he had been instructed not to interfere with war veterans as they carry out their campaign of terror.
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Anonymous bootlean said...

So when do we invade and force a regime change? Yopu know, when do we kick the dictator out and bring the people their freedom?

Yeah, I know ... when we find there's enough oil over there to make it worth our while.

1:30 pm  

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