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17 April 2008

A Quick 'Old Brit' Politi-Pix Quiz ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hummm! I thought this was going to be off topic, but maybe not...

Remember the Magna Carta being sold to the Carlyle Consortium, Rick? I've just come across this:

What a turn-up for the books!


1:49 am  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

What's all this, then? The "Make Gordon Brown a Saint" week? Watched him toadying up to George Bush over here today and it's easy to see shades of Tony Blair all over again. The "Special Relationship"; "You can rely on us, George", and similar, well-worn phrases just trip off his tongue. He may have begun office with promises and vows, but it's all eroding now.
My guess is Sarah has noticed how well Tony and Cherie are doing from their "special relationship" with Republican America, and Gordon has had a change of orders.

2:36 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

The worst face of Pary politics shows itself again. "New" Labour is still "New" Labour. The best men not only never make it to the Party's top table, they get kicked out of the "Party" if they don't toe the "Party" line.

Huh. And to think that we used to despise Russia and China for that kind of thing.

10:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only slightly off-topic.

Hooray for Jimmy Carter; a giant among pygmies! I wonder how Bliar (the 'official' Middle East envoy!) is enjoying his eggy face-pack!


11:29 am  

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