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13 April 2008

'Public Committee Against Torture in Israel' : Special Indictment Edition ...


We don't suppose it's any sort of 'scoop' to say that a special relationship between the US and Israel has been discovered ...

... nor, to a slightly lesser extent, lots of long standing, shameless UK-Israel joint bloody ventures.

However, it may come as a surprise to certain parties, to be informed of some of Israel's ever increasing 'invisible imports'- especially, some shipped across the Atlantic from some of their so patently supremacist/racist, ever over-eager to assist, 'big-bucks-boys' brothers and/or allies in America.

Including (criminal), collective punishment practices.

As well as, apparently, some old fashioned low-life, low-tech, low-cost, torture techniques.

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israeli security services use family members of Palestinian prisoners to apply "illegal psychological pressure" and force detainees to confess, a new report on torture released on Sunday said.

The 83-page report by the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel revealed the use of interrogation methods condemned as torture or ill treatment under international law, which "cause severe psychological suffering to interrogees and to their innocent relatives," it said in a statement.

It cited six detailed cases and said agents of Israel's internal security service Shin Beth often told prisoners that loved ones were also in detention and being tortured.

In one case, such pressure led the prisoner to attempt suicide several times, the report said.
Read the rest of the relevant report right here.

But before we sign off, we want to state as plainly and clearly as we possibly can that we're making no apology for publishing this particularly appalling photograph, once again.

Remember this poor Palestinian kid? The little lad so petrified by some despicable, pathetic pricks in the IDF, that he quite literally peed his pants?

The truth is that over the years we've learned that many, many big brave IDF poorly trained, undisciplined conscripts have long had habits of forging some special relationships of their own. And, perhaps not too surprisingly, so often so many of these shameful relationships seem to involve showing their 'strength' by shoving around innocent, civilian infants.

We wonder what this lovely little Palestian boy will be when he grows up. Eh?

Always assuming of course, that the lad's lucky enough to be allowed to.

Incidentally, we used to have a couple of authentic videos filed away on our previous PC showing children being used by Israeli soldiers as human shields. Maybe a reader can help us out/back us up on this.

For the record, one video shows a child being forced (by some IDF heroes), to enter houses/buildings about to be seached - in front of said heroes themselves.

Another shows a kid sat/stuck on the bonnet/hood of one of their patrol vehicles, and securely strapped there by being bound (by his arm), to the front windscreen's metal grill.

Quite a lot longer ago we watched with horror the video footage of a hidden TV cameraman's irefutable evidence of the work of the worst of the IDF's uniformed neanderthals.

A kid had thrown some stones at their patrol then run away. Several of them - chased and eventually caught the kid. Some of them forced the lad onto his knees and held him there while others, using large heavy rocks, deliberately, systematically and mercilessly pounded the lad's wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders and shoulder blades.

We never did get to see the victim's actual injuries at close quarters, nor did we ever learn what happened to him afterwards. But of one thing you can be certain, those injuries must have been horrific. At the very least, the lad must have been maimed for life. At worst, unless treated expertly and quickly, they may well have (eventually), proved fatal.

We'll never know the final outcome for the unfortunate victim involved. And we'll never forget what unforgivable wanton wickedness we witnessed.

We swear, by whatever and/or whoever anyone wants us to, that what we've just said we saw ... is true.

So help us.

*** UPDATE ***

Our sincere thanks to 'MO' who just emailed some "human shield" links.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old Brit:
This will win you no friends.

12:48 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

We don't suppose it's any sort of 'scoop' to say that a special relationship between the US and Israel has been discovered ...

Well you got that right, Rick.

This too.

... nor, to a slightly lesser extent, lots of long standing, shameless UK-Israel joint bloody ventures.

Come to think of it, you pretty well said it all mate.

12:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pictures alone say it all.

11:30 pm  

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