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24 April 2008

Obama, Clinton, Elections, Selections, Smoke, Mirrors, Vote Rigging Counting and Similar Shady Stuff


Ah, well.

Certain US folk are strongly suggesting everything's over, already.

Most of the same sages are also claiming Clinton's in and Obama's out.

In other words, they're saying: "The fix is in."

Honestly. Sincerely. Seriously.


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Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Oh here we so disagree, Richard.
He had three times the campaign funds and she bests him by 10%.
I do believe however, that if he does get the nomination he will be soundly beaten by McLame. The regressive US is in no way ready for a black president. Though I don't view him as black, why on earth does he not honour his mother's heritage and his grandparents? His black father, his hero, abandoned him.
Anyway I could go on, but it is your blog. And I certainly stir up enormous controversy on my own when I dip the toes in.
Ain't it fun though?
Stay alive and whittling away, my friend.
PS and enough already with the witch pictures, Obama as a black lawn jockey? How would that look?

3:32 am  
Anonymous gordo said...


At this point, the race of pledged delegates has already been decided. Obama will have an advantage of around 150 pledged delegates, and so far they've split about 500 of the superdelegates more or less evenly.

So the remaining 300 or so superdelegates will determine the nominee, but they would have to swing toward Clinton by a margin greater than 2 to 1 if she's going to win, and that's not going to happen unless something huge happens between now and the convention. The superdelegates are party insiders, and they'll be very reluctant to hand the nomination to a less popular candidate who lost the superdelegate tally.

It seems clear to me that Clinton is hanging on in the hope that some skeleton will fall out of Obama's closet that would make him unelectable. If that happened, the superdelegates would ensure that Clinton would win, because they're allowed to change sides at any moment.


In September, Clinton had unbeatable name recognition, the best fundraising apparatus of any candidate of either party, and a 30 point lead over Obama.

Now she lags behind him in both popularity and money. Obama spends $0.75 of every dollar his campaign takes in, while Clinton spends $1.10 of every dollar she collects. Clearly, Obama is the stronger candidate.

And the fact is, most people don't get to choose their ethnic identity. Society chooses it for them. Obama has experienced life as a black person not because he chose to, but because he had no alternative. So it's not really fair to imply that he's somehow dishonoring his mother.

And honestly, I think that Americans are ready to elect a black president. The disaster known as the Bush presidency has created that opportunity.

But Obama will need the enthusiastic support of Clinton voters in order to win, so if he's smart he'll choose a woman with strong feminist credentials as a running mate, so that women can be certain that he'll stay focused on issues like workplace discrimination, right to choose, pregnancy leave, etc.

3:53 am  
Anonymous whoever said...

I hope you're wrong, Richard. If you're not, not much is going to change. She'll be much more subtle of course but already dances to the same pipers as W, and pretty well has the same paymasters..

9:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about Hobson's choice.

A proven, serial liar against a young, unknown quantity. Or, the nightmare that is McCain.

God help us all.

10:02 am  
Blogger Twilight said...

I'm disagreeing with you and others here too Richard.

America IS quite ready for a black president - just not THIS one.

As Wisewebwoman said - you ought to stop with the witchy pics- what would it look like to display equivalent racist ones?
Don't you see this as offensive? I hadn't seen see you as a sexist 'til now.

A little respect for a woman, a US Senator, former First Lady, who has shown great tenacity, ability and toughness would not go amiss.
Instead all we get is the same old same old accusations and jibes.

I'd normally shy away from keeping defending her in the face of such nastiness, but seeing as she shows such toughness and resolve - I'll try to emulate her.

Get real folks - she might well be the next president of the USA. The tide is turning.

5:04 pm  

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