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03 May 2008

McCain Confirms Iraq War was Fought Over Oil


Whoops! Looks like John W. McCain just confirmed what every reasonably objective person already knew: if it weren't for oil, we wouldn't be in Iraq.

Of course, Senator McWar quickly crafted a lie to cover for his accidental honesty:

Republican John McCain was forced to clarify his comments Friday suggesting the Iraq war involved U.S. reliance on foreign oil. He said he was talking about the first Gulf War and not the current conflict. At issue was a comment he made at a town hall-style meeting Friday morning in Denver.

Right. Because the 1991 war with Iraq would naturally be what was in the forefront of Senator McCain's mind. Why would anyone think that he was talking about the current war in Iraq?

This isn't the first time McCain has had a problem with accidentally telling the truth. Jon Stewart attributes the inadvertant truth-telling to McCain's magic campaign bus.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith Olberman pointed out what we have all known was the truth from the beginning... We were all "BUSHED"! ... hoodwinked...flim-flamed...bamboozled and the Brits were jerker right along with us!

11:36 am  
Anonymous thinkingblue said...

Yes it was unabashed mendacity OUT THE YIN-YANG. I used a rickwrites quote on my latest youtube message just search thethinkingblue channel or ... Thanks, from an equally "relatively" OLD American.

11:06 am  

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