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09 May 2008

Clinton Is Well And Truly Done

I wouldn't illustrate this story with a film clip that compares Hillary Clinton to Hitler, but this one was too funny to resist

Now, it's really over. Obama is well ahead in pledged delegates, and now leads in the superdelegate count as well. Sources inside the Obama camp say that he will claim victory on May 20, and Clinton's campaign chairman indicated that she will concede in June. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the race officially comes to a close within the next week.

Here's what I think Obama has to do now: make it up to Clinton's supporters by finding a qualified woman to serve as running mate. Here's the one I like:

Anna Eshoo

Anna Eshoo of California has served more than 10 years in the House, and her experience on the Intelligence Committee would help make up for Obama's perceived lack of experience (link). She's been a staunch defender of civil liberties and she voted against the Iraq War resolution. A technology expert who serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee, so she should be able to help Obama craft a response to soaring energy prices. Finally, she co-chairs the House Medical Technology Caucus, so she'd be able to work with Obama to help address the health care issue, which is sure to be a big challenge for him when he takes office.

As of now, Eshoo is a real longshot, because she's a relative unknown. But I think that when he selects a running mate, Obama should do so with an eye toward keeping the party together.

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Blogger BrandyWilson said...

Gordy... If that is you.... Obama doesn't need to put a woman on his ticket....two "Firsts" will not fly...a white man will be his choice...and Hillary is making it impossible to even consider her with her consent race-bating...She acts as if her "voting-block" is lost to Obama...She also that she was going to be coroneted the nominee too!

BTW: That clip was soooo funny I would have too found it too hard to resist!... Say 6 mea culpas...She represents that remark! LOL

12:27 pm  

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