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05 May 2008

Abject Apologies For Unauthorised Absence ... Well, Sort Of ...

Merhaba, from Turkey!

Just to let everyone know we're still in the land of the living, and to take the opportunity to thank to Gordo for doing such a great job of keeping the old blog going. Not forgetting yourselves of course, for carrying on reading.

We appreciate you all. Really.

First off, my brother in Afghanistan is okay.

Secondly, my brother in Turkey is fine too. I positively can vouch for that, as I'm temporarily living right next door to him for a little while.

We've already been here a week but have spent that week completely resting from all and every method of communication -- very deliberately. Isn't old age awful?

Anyway, we'll be catching up with civilisation again shortly - via 'the media' - for what it's worth. Once we have some idea of what we've been missing - for better or worse - we'll be putting our two penneth of big boots back in - like it or not.

By the way, we wish you all could be here. The travel industry doesn't call Turkey "Paradise" for nothing.

Believe us.

Stay tuned.

(Thanks for the emails, btw. You know who you are. From where we are, we can't access our google mailbox but we can get into - rickrhona at aol dot com )



Anonymous gordo said...

Glad to hear about your family. And don't hurry home. I still have some slander about you that I want to post on your blog.

3:56 am  

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