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10 November 2007

Tony Blair To Convert To Catholic Church ...


Yesterday (Friday) we took a day off to attend our beloved baby brother's funeral (and church), and almost missed this menagerie.

Tony Blair is preparing to convert to Roman Catholicism within weeks, it emerged last night.

The news prompted demands from followers of the faith for the former prime minister to renounce his previous support for abortion.

Mr Blair's long-expected switch to the faith of his wife and four children is expected to come at a Mass in the private chapel of
Cardinal Cormac Murphy- O'Connor, the leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales.
Apparently, Blair informed the (always aggressively ambitious) ex Hitler Youth movement member and current Catholic Pontif, Pope Benedict XVI (often referred to as Ratzi the Nazi) of his conversion intentions earlier this year.

Congratulations, you cretinous couple of counterfeit Christians.

You're more than bloody welcome to one another.

Read the rest of the relevant religio-report.

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Blogger Dubhaltach said...

Well the word Catholic means "universal" as I'm sure you know which means that we're going to get scum like Blair who goes around

[Begin clean up routine]
masturbating his messiah complex
[end cleanup]

massaging his ego and licking the spaces in between George Bush's claws ummmm toes .... at a cost in human suffering and blood which doesn't bear thinking about. As to the current Pope - the Coptic Pope , the same guy who was imprisoned and tortured, said of him recently,

"every time that man opens his mouth he makes trouble."

Speaking personally I'd far rather we had Pope Shenouda sitting in Rome than that sod.

However - off topic, you wrote about the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell. It's really hard to find the IPCC report. The direct link to the PDF is this:

Stockwell One - the full report of the Investigation into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell underground station on 22 July 2005

Stockwell One Questions and Answers

The page they can be found on is here:

Home > IPCC Resources > Reports & Guidelines > Investigations Reports > Stockwell One report

Even the sanitised version which is what's in the reports makes for grim reading.

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They look like interesting links - I'll have to check them out. Thanks.

As for the pair of phoney Christians you're talking about Richard, I don't know enough about this pope to say too much - but I do know about Blair - he's set for hell. If he's not - there can't be a God.

7:44 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

Sends a shiver up the spine doesn't it!

The more people, especially politicians, talk of religion, the quicker we should hide the silver spoons.....I mean guns (if we had any of either).

10:01 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Another two wolves in sheep's clothing. There are a lot of them out there. It's a crying shame that so many decent but naieve people are take in by their ilk.

Some things never change.

11:14 pm  
Blogger Moon Rattled said...

ewwwwww, why would anyone choose to convert to Catholicism in this day and age (especially after all the pedophile scandals...)

Blair is certainly a weirdo.

He, Putin, Bush...they are like three apocalyptic brothers. Or Stooges, take your pick.

12:40 am  
Anonymous can'twealljustgetalong said...

Wow, so much spewing hatrid on this site!

6:18 am  

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