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05 November 2007

Special Short & Sweet Vanity Post ...

British women check their appearance up to 71 times a day, a new survey has claimed.

London and Newcastle were the second and third most vain cities for women- topped only by xxxxxxxxx, the female vanity capital of Britain.

The online survey of 2,039 people, carried out by beauty make-up, company, Transformulas, ranked cities by how many times a day people looked in the mirror.

Any ideas, anyone?

G'warn, give it a guess.

Ta daaah!

It's ours.

And here's who says so.


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Anonymous RJ Adams said...

Well, of course! Liverpool lasses are also the most beautiful and attractive in the country. I spent many of my courting years in the 'pool.

11:19 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

LOL! The Liver birds win huh?

Of course, we Yorkies have no need of vanity! We just KNOW. ;-)

12:17 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

They could have saved themselves time and survey money if they'd asked me first.

I've thiry years personal experience of Liverpool ladies. I married one.


10:17 am  

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