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07 November 2007

Russia Set To Scrap (CFE) European Arms Treaty ...

Great job, G.W.B. Thanks a bunch.


Russia suspends arms treaty

Russia's parliament has voted to suspend Moscow's support for a key treaty limiting the deployment of armed forces along its border with Europe.

The CFE is one of many issues recently putting Moscow at odds with the West.

The Duma approved the bill in the 418-0 vote.



Cornerstone of European security Limits amount of key military equipment in designated area Negotiated by Nato and ex-Warsaw Pact member states Signed in 1990-Came into force in 1992-Revised 1999 version never ratified by Nato


Russia sends warning

In the motion, MPs said the CFE treaty "no longer responds to the security interests of the Russian Federation" in light of Nato expansion and other factors in Europe.


The CFE was one of the most significant arms control agreements of the Cold War years.

It set strict limits on the number of conventional weapons - battle tanks, combat aircraft, heavy artillery - that the members of the Warsaw Pact and Nato could deploy in European territory stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Urals.

Read the rest of today's BBC report.

What in the world did the world ever do to deserve anyone as dumb as Dubya?

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Blogger D.K. Raed said...

The world doesn't deserve him. Maybe we here in the U.S. deserve him since we can't seem to get rid of him. I'm sorry; I wish we could've confined the damage to us.

6:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While this Bush is about the worst ever US president, he's not the first one to stir up shit where there's no need too. Sadly, it's been a part of US foreign policy for many years now.

12:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can't just blame Bush for the unstable state of the world today; a lot of the blame must be ladled out to other western leaders who have not only stood by and done nothing, but actively supported the Bush wehrmacht, such as Blair, Merkel and now Sarkosy; all leaders of the only strong countries that could have spoken out against. Indirectly, we are all responsible, but the good news is, the 'nutty minority' is growing at such a rate that it will soon cease to be a minority, and 'nutty' will transform into 'intelligence of perception' (to quote a poster over at Xymphora's blog.)


1:55 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

In the first seven years of this century I can't think of any major developed so called democracy that's had a real leader (a true statesman) - apart from Spain and Ireland. Oh, and a couple of the South American and Scandinavian\Nordic countries.

Like them or love them, the Russians have a proper 'leader'.

4:42 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Agrh! I meant love them or hate them.

4:43 pm  

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