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04 November 2005

Tens of Thousands Protest & March Against Bush In Argentina ...

It's hard to imagine that millions of words will not be written and innumerable images won't be beamed around the world about today's free-trade, free-for-all in Argentina. And of course, about the attending visit of the rapidly, increasingly unpopular American leader, George W. Bush.

However, it's equally hard to imagine that American mainstream media editors and producers will see - or let their 'customers' see - any similarly related reportage, in the same light as millions of others elsewhere are allowed to.

Take for example this excerpt from the UK Mirror today, Friday 4th November.

Anti-Bush protests grow around summit

By Mary Milliken and Kevin Grey

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina (Reuters)

Tens of thousands of marchers protested on Friday against U.S. President George W. Bush and his free-trade push, as leaders from the Americas gathered in an Argentine resort for a contentious debate on improving Latin America's economy.

A mixed bag of protesters -- from Bolivian Indian women in traditional bowler hats to mothers of Argentine "dirty-war" victims -- filled 15 city blocks carrying signs with "Fuera Bush" (Get out Bush) ....

Then there's this from the B.B.C.

Protests began peacefully, with thousands of demonstrators chanted "Get out Bush".

They marched through boarded-up streets a few kilometres away from the summit venue itself.

Demonstrators included Argentine former football legend Diego Maradona.


Local media reports said 20 demonstrators had been injured in clashes with police.


Protesters argue that US-backed free-market policies have pushed millions into poverty in the region.

Then this too: from The Guardian this time.

Around 10,000 protesters chanted "Get out Bush!" today on the streets of the Argentinean resort which is hosting the Summit of the Americas.

Celebrities including the Argentinean soccer legend Diego Maradona are among the demonstrators who have gathered at the resort of Mar Del Plata, where the two-day summit starts later today.

The US president, George Bush, arrived late last night at the resort, 250 miles south of Buenos Aires.

He faces a fight to press forward his administration's free trade proposals at the 34-nation summit.,11439,1634791,00.html

Hmm. It appears that whenever and wherever he may wander, this particular president isn't exactly popular with most of our planet's people.

Here's further proof, from further afield.

.... leaders shuttled between luxury hotels as security helicopters rattled overhead and armed frogmen guarded the coast in rubber boats that bobbed in a choppy sea.

"Bush out! To hell with the FTAA!" the crowds of demonstrators chanted.

Some self-proclaimed anarchists spray-painted slogans on a bank, but the crowd was generally peaceful.

Wearing "Stop Bush" T-shirts and unfurling leftist banners on the ocean breeze, protesters said they were also against the US-led war in Iraq and neo-liberalist policies they blamed for Argentina's 2001-2002 economic crisis.

They alternated between soccer chants of "Ole! Ole!" and screams of "Fascist Bush! You are the terrorist!"


Anonymous graniab said...

Hurrah - I couldn't have said it better myself. I have not yet seen this story in the US news media. We get images of George leaving the White House via helicopter looking all smug and in charge. There is no place to hide anymore. For light relief go on for some amusing pictures and click on the link to Stepford wives.

12:00 am  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

We lefties can all thank Bush for uniting us!

On, the anti Bush riots are the top story. It even made the NYT top page! Amazing, isn't it? Whoo hoo.

Anyway, some of us are aware of what is going on...

12:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan Greenspan's botoxed wife was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on the riots. Shall I go on? No? "Anti-Bush, anti-war, and anti-American!"

I'm sorry, all I saw were a bunch of middle class college kids burning up some pretend "banks" which are actually glorified ATM machines. Perhaps their very point. Like burning Monopoly money to make the point that the people are not in the real game at all - except as amusing comedia del arte performers.

But I guess Mrs. Greenspan is right. If you are anti-Bush and anti-war, you couldn't REALLY be an American.
You must be one of those sympathetic with "leftist demonstrators" and just a hair away from being an enemy combatant.

12:58 am  
Blogger Richard said...


I saw that pic of Charles and Laura - arghhhhhhh!!!!!


You're right. It's becoming more & more obvious that ordinary people everywhere have had just about enough of being used & abused. I thnk there's a building widespread backlash begining.


I Can't argue with anything you said. That's just about how millions of us now see it - not just This Old Brit.

5:05 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

On second thoughts, maybe I should have said billions instead of millions, anon.

5:08 pm  
Blogger Gert said...


you sound surprised that Latin America would rather see the back of an American president, especially one that considers himself a "war president" (dixit Dumbya).

Shall we make a list of American "interventions" in that part of the world? Let's see...

Cuba, Chile, Panama, Grenada, Guatemala, Nicaragua...

When Pat Robertson called for the assasination of Hugo Chavez, the Bushite American blogoshpere was full of: "Ya, let's do it!".

And yes, some of us here are on the left, problem with that?

Do get a proper nickname, as "Anonymous" you sound like a real troll. Or do you enjoy being confused with other trolls?

5:15 pm  
Anonymous dubhaltach said...

And today there was a completely successful anti-fascist counterdemonstration on the other side of the world.

They held their stinking march in their disgusting brownshirt lookalike uniforms and then they noticed that a lot of people had very good cameras and were photographing their faces. Then they noticed that these people with very good cameras were protected by lots of other people with very big sticks.

Then some of them heard people with loud speakers calling out their names addresses and telephone numbers.

Then a few of them them heard people calling out the name of the company they work for.

Maybe they started to think "Uh oh publishing the names and addresses and phone numbers of Jews and Muslims on the internet was a really really stupid thing to do."

They didn't look very happy

Then perhaps they started to think "there are very few of us and a lot of them" so they started to beat their drum and to chant.

Perhaps they wanted to tell themselves that they were big brave men.

This is a lie of course even the ones who are not fat from drinking too much beer have penises that are even smaller than their brains and those are the clever ones. The not clever ones have brains that even smaller than their penises.

Then they noticed that suddenly a LOT of people lining route also had suddenly sticks and were slapping the sticks in rytm to their drum. So they marched in complete silence and very very quickly.

When they got to the Torv they noticed that there were a lot of very angry people waiting for them and then they heard US chant. "Look behind you!" "Look behind you!" so of course they looked because dogs like them always obey an order when it shouted loud enough.

Perhaps they remembered that crush barriers are easy to kick over and that if the crush barriers were kicked over that then they were trapped between a lot of angry people in front and a lot of angry people behind.

Maybe now they will be afraid and remember that it is a good idea not to throw stones at kids because they have brown skin or because they have a headscarf, perhaps they will remember not to break up peoples shops because they have brown skin.

Maybe they will remember what it feels like for them to be the ones who are afraid. Because there are a lot of people who maybe don't really know any brown people or girls who wear headscarves but who tihnk that brown people and girls who wear headscarves who live peacefully and work hard and obey the law are entitled to live peacefully and work hard and obey the law.

Maybe they also realised that even people who don't really like brown people or girls who wear headscarcves get really really angry when you came into their neighbourhood and make trouble.

After the nasty stupid unCivilised un Nordic march was over they left very quickly and in silence and AFRAID.

So I went home happy.

5:24 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


I took that post of anon's to be 'tongue-in-cheek'. Hmm?

5:27 pm  
Anonymous dubhaltach said...

Post scriptum:

I should have said that even the conservative party youth wing were with us on the counter demonstation and they were even more agressive than us. So it was not a left-right thing.

It was civilised people against uncivilised badly trained dogs.

Richard a question:

I know that in London in 30s that Mosley's fascist party was given big trouble did that happen in Liverpool too?

(No word from dad before you ask.)

5:32 pm  
Anonymous dubhaltach the happy :-) said...

post post scriptum! :-)

Richard this place:

Watching America

Is a complete must see must bookmark really good resource for you:

Christian Science Monitor, July 14, United States:
'A glimpse of how foreigners feel about the only superpower.'

You have to scroll down very often but they do translations of stries from all over the world and or links to english language versions of newspapers. From:

Central America
Middle East
North America
Oceania & Antarctica
South America

Really really recommend (it is also a good mix of left/right papers.)

5:53 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Ha! I wish I could have seen that. I bet there was plenty of soiled underwear around.

As for Mosley, my personal memory doesn't go that far back. But I know that he/they did try to get backing particularly from the dockers [which, incidentally, my dad was, before he was called up to the arrmy] - I don't think Mosley had a lot of luck on Merseyside though.

I do know he went to Southport [nearby] too [Floral Hall, I believe] - but had even less luck there - it was too posh a place for that sort of stuff.

5:56 pm  
Anonymous dubhaltach the hungry said...

Yes their underwear now matches their shirts :-)

I think they were especially unhappy about the cameras and I think they are going to be really really really unhappy about posters with those photos that are scheduled to go up in their suburbs.

This is the thing that REALLY makes me SO ANGRY (sorry to shout.) They don't live in the city they live in the suburbs or in the country - no brown people/girls with headscarves or not very many.

The majority of us live in the citys not on farms and not in suburbs. And all over the cities not just here in the capital it is a big mix everywhere.

And then these pigs think they can come and break up the streets where I live. Because they don't like my neighbours.

Where I live the building beside is very rich people our building is ordinary people not rich not poor the other building in the group of 3 mostly is social housing so they are pretty poor or are poor at least by Scandinavian standards. And that is very typical street. Often you get a building or a street that is a mix of owners and social housing and that is how it should be. We all go to same schools and there isn't a differnce between the results in exams between state school and private school so if you pay to go to private school it is for snob reasons.

There are two places in Sjælland that were used to "dump" people and now even the current government realises that means a ghetto and big problems.

The other side is that if you tell people theey can come here it is not enough to give an integration course you have to make them feel they also own the country just like we do. And we have not done that very well sometimes. Only Sweden I think does it really well when you talk to "NySvenskere" ("New Swedish") thay are so proud of being Swedish.

But I have to go and cook now because my brother and I are both very hungy.

later :-)

6:32 pm  
Anonymous xpatyank said...

Old Brit, you got a couple good plugs today (if you don't know yet) by Susan Hu, Booman Tribune and on Kos.

Kudos, Richard. Keep up the good work.

10:13 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Thanks for the heads up on those, it's appreciated. And don't worry, I fully intend to keep it up. ;^]

12:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

never ceases to amaze me how only approx 50% = of only 4% = of the world's population, can believe or even think that it's EVERYONE else in the world who's out of step

how stupid and how f*cking VANE can they be ?????????????????????

{btw nothing personal to any posters here}

11:41 pm  
Anonymous dubhaltach said...




That's not me shouting. That's the first thing you see as the slideshow loads. You can see it here.

that's -

Be warned it's very upsetting.

Richard and anyone who has a site:

Could you please publicise that this guy has a new video up. Please pretty please pretty pretty please with sugar on it?


There's a personal aspect too. You can send this guy's work to people you know. Project it at meeting and so. He makes it free to everyone to use.

After you see "prevail" his other stuff is here.


You can download his stuff as .exe (standalone program) or .swf (flash. "Prevail " isn't converted yet but if he follows his usual routing it will be in a day or so.

His site is well worth a look as are his other videos

The animation link takes you surprise to the animations but the rest of his site is well worth it too.

Take a look if you hate what the swine are doing and want a weapon to convince a waverer here's one free for the taking.

Thanks in advance and if you have been, thanks for listening.


9:09 am  
Blogger Richard said...


Thanks for the links. I used an Eric Blumrich video link recently called "Thanks for the Memory". It was the Saddam/US/UK connection, one. I'll have to look at those others later today.

Incidentally, I'm ALWAYS listening. Someone told/taught me years ago that as we are all born with one mouth and TWO ears, we should always use them in that proportion. That, they said, is "the way to wisdom".

3:15 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


You're not the first to mention that and I doubt you'll be the last. Who knows? Maybe the drip, drip, drip method will eventually prove effective. We have to hope so.

3:18 pm  
Anonymous dubhaltach the hungry said...

He does good stuff I am not surprised you know of it.

The last line is my "signature" line it is sort of a joke in my friends. I like the thing you said about two ears.

Elections are on the 15th so busy busy busy I am to lead one team putting up some very special election posters tonight. :-)

4:38 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

God - that video gets your day going! Good information about life in Denmark Dubhaltach!

5:54 pm  
Blogger St!ff M!ttens said...

Anonymous, The numbers are slowly and steadily dropping though. Even the staunchest of Bush supporters are starting to shift uncomfortably in their seats. Of course, it doesn't really matter if it gets all the way down to just one monkey out of six billion who thinks that he's right and the rest of the world is out to f#@king lunch. As long as that one monkey has the power to launch nuclear missiles, everyone else is in danger.

Lucky for all of you that I'm not President of the US.


10:37 pm  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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10:37 am  

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