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29 October 2005

And Now Another U.S. Spy Story ...

Suddenly, it seems as though there's something of a surfeit of U.S. 'spy-stories' surfacing.

This afternoon someone dropped this bombshell in This Old Brit's in-box.

Isle man accused of selling secrets

Peter Boylan and Rob Perez Advertiser Staff Writers

The B-2's stealth design allows it to fly virtually undetected by enemy radar. All 21 of the B-2s in service are stationed at Whiteman.

A Maui resident who was a former design engineer for a large defense contractor has been accused of selling classified information about the B-2 stealth bomber to at least three foreign governments, the FBI said yesterday.

How does that sound for a completely unexpected and totally unpleasant; Aloha from Haiku, Hawaii, eh?

Noshir S. Gowadia of Haiku was arrested yesterday on suspicion of "willfully communicating national defense information to a person not entitled to receive it,"
So spake the F.B.I.

Then they said this too.

"This is an extremely important case and we won't be commenting until we're prepared to do so," said U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo in a telephone interview last night from Ontario, Calif.

Hmmm. " ... an extremely important case ... ".

Oh really ? Sounds sort of an understatement, some of us would say.

Particularly in view of the following few facts.

The B-2's stealth design allows it to fly virtually undetected by enemy radar.

The B-2 is a strategic, long-range bomber that can fly more than 6,000 miles before refueling while carrying 40,000 pounds of conventional or nuclear weapons, according to Northrop Grumman's Web site.

Its stealth design allows it to fly virtually undetected by enemy radar at a ceiling
of 50,000 feet.

During Operation Allied Force and Operation Enduring Freedom, the bomber performed missions up to 44 hours long, according to the company.

Next, here's more about the man involved.

From November 1968 to April 1986, Gowadia worked for Northrop Grumman Corp., which was involved in the design and manufacture of the B-2 Spirit Bomber, the FBI said.

During his tenure with the company, Gowadia worked in the development of the aircraft's propulsion system, the FBI said.
Then there's this on another Northrop Grumman guy -- and what he wouldn't say when asked.

Dan McClain, a corporate communications director for Northrop Grumman, declined comment yesterday.
But, courtesy of the intrepid journalistic trio of Christie Wilson, Peter Boylan and Rob Perez --at the Honolulu Advertiser -- you can learn a little more at this link.


Blogger JulieDee said...

Oh poor Richard! I can truly sympathize with having to spend the day in Whitehall getting bled by the leach team and x-rayed 'til you glow in the dark! Just think of ot this way... you'll be able to save oodles of money on your power bill because you can use your johnson as a flashlight now when you go potty at night because of the x-rays!!!

Hope that wasn't TOO crude... OH HELL, it's from me, what else would you expect?

Did you know that the B-2 cannot distinguish between a rain cloud and a mountain while flying in it's stealthiest mode? Yuppers! Couldn't tell a cumulus form Mt. Mitumbo, ESPECIALLY in the rain! Why? Because they don't have their radar on in that case. Now tell me if I'm wrong, but having a bomber slamming into a mountain with a full bomb load is not too stealthy now is it? I would think risking the radar would not be TOO big of a risk, don't you? OH! And get this... the earliest models didn't even HAVE radar!

I'll bet you dimes to doughnuts that they only snag one out of twenty of the dinks who are selling US Top Secrets to the highest bidder! They could be auctioning them on EBay and Bush's boy's would miss them! But let Neil even suggest that Bush should be LEGALLY... Oh never mind! GRRRRRRRR!!!

4:24 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

amazing that i hear about this about a u.s. spy case from an old brit - in the uk - vis hawaii.

thanks - again!

all hail the internet!

4:19 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

This is enigma from over at, I saw you stopped over, I believe you read my little letter to our leader ( not sent of course), I do hope you read the previous post about Heros and Hope in the Land of corruption....yes, thanks to Fitz we have some hope, Many Americans have been battling this government for five years, and we are horrified that our governement has been hijacked...I think you might also be interested in my other blog,, It has the timeline reconstructed about the Plame case, and there is a British piece that concerns me greatly, and that is on the timeline. Dr.Kelley,the WMD expert went missing July 17th,2003, and was found dead on July 18th,2003. He is on the timeline. If you read the timeline, you will see why he is a part of the timeline. Give it a look when you have the time. The post above is interesting, intriguing. I will be back to visit for sure...Thanks for visiting Watergatesummer...

5:56 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Thanks for your concern - and for the insight into the reality of the stealth stuff. Mind-boggling, to put it mildly.


Amazing is right. Sort of the 'scenic route', eh?


Don't worry, I will get back to your place in a little while. Looks like a lot of stuff worth seeing is there. A lot of work, time & effort gone into it too, I bet.

11:03 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

So, China has the last bit it needed, eh?

No surprize, that.

11:20 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

I mention your blog here, Richard: Selling secrets to allies

1:38 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks Elaine,

I read it and commented on it at your blog. Btw, I praised you, too. ;^)

4:39 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...


We all work too hard!

11:32 pm  
Blogger St!ff M!ttens said...

"We all work too hard!"

I don't. I'm all about the half-assed, slipshod approach. That way I won't feel so bad when it all comes to naught and the whole of civilization collapses around me.


4:56 pm  

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