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26 October 2005

Special - Saddam, Sight and Sound Edition ...

In case nobody has noticed, around here we've not been blogging for a day or two.

But never fear - we're right back here - as plenty of people have had proof of in the past, This Old Brit and I have never, ever been known to 'go quietly'. In fact as so many folk have often found, we really are rather harder to get rid of, than herpes.

Heh -- whatever that is or whatever they are.

And the honest to God truth is that there's so much mega-stuff been going on [and still is] -- as I'm sure anyone who ever heard of high treason and treachery in the highest of high places being talked about, will already be more than well aware.

Well, that's our excuse anyhow, and we're sticking to it.

But even now, as we sit here to write - or type - we still feel filled with guilt.

We feel like some of those fabled, harassed housewives who find the easiest way out of taking 'proper' care of the kids [when so many different things seem to be bearing down] is to simply stick on a video for them, then leave them to it for a while.

However, never let it be said that we neglect our duties altogether, 'cos we don't.

So, as it will be around another 20 or so hours before business as usual is resumed, we're making a peace offering - sort of in semi-advance.

And here's how -- we're gonna give you all a little gift.

Yep, that's right, we're gonna give you a video to 'stick on'.

It's kinda, sorta, loosely related to lots of the things going on that we mentioned at the outset.

Precisely how you view the video will depend a lot on yourself.

Some readers [or should we say listeners today ?] will most likely learn a few new things, while some more might be merely - but timely - reminded.

And since we don't do things on the cheap or by half measures around here -- you'd better get the speakers turned on or the earphones hooked up -- because This Old Brit groaner, is gonna give you some of the original old groaner. Really. Honestly. Bing is thrown in for free.

Yep, that's right. You watch, while Bing sings.

So we'll see you again shortly -- but in the meantime we'll leave you to look, listen and learn.

Incidentally, please have a little patience, particularly if your internet connection speed isn't exactly supersonic. This may take a little time to download -- but we sincerely believe you'll find it well worth your while to wait.

Okay, so let's get this show on the road.


Blogger enigma4ever said...

Thanks for the post , I haven't lurked here in a bit. This week hopefully some justice will befall this hellish regime. ( Fitzgerald is susposed to issue indictments any day now).
Love your blog , stop by Watergate Summer anytime....,

7:19 am  
Blogger Gert said...

Thanks for posting this video, it's nice compilation of what we already knew about the axis of evil: Baghdad - Washington.

I'll be posting about it too: we need more people to see this and perhaps start thinking.

5:35 pm  
Blogger St!ff M!ttens said...

Great flim! All that history rendered down into the basic essentials really helps provide a clear context for what BushCo has been up to. I hope Eric is getting a lot of traffic on that site and I hope most of that traffic is from within the US. Maybe some of these poor hoodwinked bastards, my countrymen, will finally get the picture.

From all of us in "The States", we wish you a merry Fitzmas! May there be indictments for all.

5:45 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Yes - a merry Fitzmas to all - whenever it happens. Huffington Post seems to be carefully monitoring the situation!

5:49 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

BTW - great video I didn't have audio access - thanx Old Brit

5:56 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Lurk all you like, you're welcome to. Likewise, any postings you care to make here.

I made a quick visit to your own blog and liked what I saw. I'll be back there again - shortly;that's for sure.

9:31 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


you're welcome too. I see you've also done your bit today. Great. That's what we need. Just as many megaphones, echo chambers, etc - as they have.

Drip, drip, drip -- an infallible formula.

9:35 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Merry Fitzmas - to us all.

The basics, is right. Uncluttered, clear, concise & precise - yet simple to follow, even for the slow coaches, eh?
I hope it gets all the hits it deserves as well.

9:40 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Bugger! I bet you'd have enjoyed hearing Bing's background crooning - Thanks for the memories. But glad you enjoyed watching anyhow - we aim to please.

And, Huffington does seem to be right on the case, as you say.

Oh, and a very Merry Fitzmas to you. :^)

9:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wicked pics brit!!!

while y'all are in the pic mood - more great pics - judith miller this time

10:16 pm  
Blogger JulieDee said...

While yours loads and I offer my own long delayed "Hello!" here's one for you! Ordering a pizza will never be the same after watching THIS one I warn you!

10:29 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Richard well obviously no indictment news today! You might want to try tomorrow as that site seems to have some tasty morsels. Goodnight all!

10:45 pm  
Blogger JulieDee said...

Well Grani, no indictments but plenty of preparation for the mandatory covering of the asses and the swearing of the "I never really liked-trusted-wasonhisside" statements we'll be hearing echoing from capitol hill in the coming weeks as many of Bush's top aides and allies are drug kicking and screaming before the Federal Bench on charges that make Clinton's sexcapades seem like the non-issue they really were.

Hopefully after the courts clear out a few (maybe a dozen or so) Congressional and Senate seats (the Gods willing) and they get filled by new butts that will have a bit of fear driven into them to begin with we can get Bush next! If there was EVER a man who deserved impeachment..............

11:19 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Hey Julidee - you are so right - if there really is a God some indictments will be handed down but jail time is doubtful. Whatever the charges can't you just see a presidential pardon at some point? I am lmao at the thought of the consternation at the White House right now! We have waited a long time for this.

11:36 pm  
Blogger JulieDee said...

I'll never forget the day Ford pardoned Nixon... my Father (who was working for RMK and I was living with him then... I'll explain later ) and I were living in a villa out on Tu Dou Street just outside of Bien Hua (pardon my spelling but 40 years and morphine will do that to you!) at the time. When we heard it it was early morning for him (about noon-ish) and he was trying to shave his BADLY hung over self when the news came over the radio from Australia... the announcer no sooner got the words out of his mouth than my father yelled "BLOODY HELL!" and struck off 1/2 of the thick, verdant mustache that was his trade mark... quite nearly taking off a portion of his upper lip with the razor as well! On the drive to the French Hospital (the best one in the area) he kept up a non stop grumble from behind the blood soaked towel that had ALL the neighbors either horrified at his language or if they knew him, splitting their sides at his political diatribe!

And the poor sisters at the hospital! OH GODS! They damned near refused to treat him until and unless he stopped cursing and promised to go directly to confession once he was seen! Did I mention it was a CATHOLIC hospital?

12:25 am  
Blogger JulieDee said...

OH and Grani? What did you think of the Ordering a Pizza link I posted above?

12:34 am  
Anonymous grania said...

I enjoyed it alot - and will probably never order pizza again!

12:40 am  
Blogger JulieDee said...

I know what you mean... **shudders**

4:33 am  
Blogger Gert said...

Fitzmas, logically speaking, should provide some much needed fallout for neolabour too! Seriously, we want a slice of the Fitzmas pudding as well... pleeeaase...

3:07 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

While Richard is on the phone today trying to sweet talk Fitzie's secretary into giving us a 'draft' copy of the indictments -hop on over to for a little light relief - you have to love the photo of Rove being strongarmed by some DC cops -like that will ever happen!

6:50 pm  
Blogger Gert said...

That pizza stuff is scary, I'm gonna post this at the (anti-NIR/ID cards site)...

6:44 pm  

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