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17 August 2005

The Latest Leaks From London ...

Drip, drip, drip. One after another, after another, the 'leaks' just keep on coming. Take a look at this latest one from London.

New claims emerge over Menezes death.
Brazilian was held before being shot.
Police failed to identify him.
He made no attempt to run away.
Shown above is the headline, sub header and lead in of a riveting Guardian revelation this morning, Wednesday 17th August 2005.

Shown below are 'the bones' of this startling story.

It has now emerged that Mr de Menezes:

* was never properly identified because a police officer was relieving himself at the very moment he was leaving his home;

* was unaware he was being followed;

* was not wearing a heavy padded jacket or belt as reports at the time suggested;

* never ran from the police;

* and did not jump the ticket barrier.

** But the revelation that will prove most uncomfortable for Scotland Yard was that the 27-year-old electrician had already been restrained by a surveillance officer before being shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.
Now, while some of these things have been mentioned and/or rumoured before, by various parties in various publications -- this is the first time all the dots have been completely connected. And what a shocking and sickeningly sad state of affairs it shows -- so-called, security-wise.

What's more, the documentations' contents and contentions are clearly corroborated by CCTV camera footage.

The leaked documents and pictures showed the failures in the police operation from the time Mr de Menezes left home.
There's now no doubt about it -- as This Old Brit flagged right from the 'off', this whole thing stank to high heaven; indeed it still does.

It was a cock up of epic proportions. Get a load of this -- and then gasp.

A surveillance officer admitted in a witness statement that he was unable to positively identify Mr de Menezes as a suspect because the officer had been - relieving himself - when the Brazilian left the block of flats where he lived.
Now gasp again at the absolutely, awesome arrogance of this utterly unbelievable announcement by the police authorities. What they're basically saying is, it's true -- but we're not admitting it's true. The absurdity's almost matched by their audacity

My God, the mind boggles.

A senior police source last night told the Guardian that the leaked documents and statements gave an accurate picture of what was known so far about the shooting. But the IPCC refused to confirm the documents were genuine adding: "Our priority is to disclose any findings direct to the family, who will clearly be distressed that they have received information on television concerning his death."
I ask you -- is that double talk or is that downright, diabolical double talk?

Talk about insulting people's intelligence.

So, hold onto your hat when hitting the links to learn lots more.,16132,1550565,00.html

Then, there's more at the BBC.

Also, see this cross ref/related blog piece at Cultutre of Life News 11.


Blogger JulieDee said...

I'm speechless Richard. ME... The Great Spoon, The Mouth Who Roars is speechless. This is the sort of thing we associate with East Oakland or East LA, Harlem, some of the poorest neighborhoods of Miami... not with LONDON.

The world stands on it's ear and I'm behind the times for wheeling my chair in an upright position...

4:32 pm  
Blogger -simpchimp said...

Hey, I love east Oakland, but then I'm an A's fan.

Great post. Interesting how they claim that "we're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here" only for us to discover that the bloodshed has indeed been brought to our own doorsteps, courtesy not only of terrorists but of our own strong-arm police tactics. In the US, by the way, repeatedly shooting someone in the head is, like, so 2002 - we now just taser them to death. Less messy.

Where was this cop taking a leak? In a doorway somewhere? Classy.

5:03 pm  
Blogger St!ff M!ttens said...

It is shocking, but not entirely surprising. There are a lot of hateful, thick-witted people in every region of the globe. Under this growing climate of fear and paranoia, is it so surprising that some who've been entrusted with small morsels of power and authority abuse their positions and act out of passion and hysteria rather than out of reason and justice? Especially in light of the much broader ranged abuses of power that are taking place in the higher strata of power. Monkey see monkey do, after all.

5:08 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

*Monkey see monkey do, after all.

In a nutshell, st!ff, that's exactly right. Follow the leader[s].

8:06 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

* Where was this cop taking a leak?

simpchimp, who knows?

I wouldn't mind betting that right now he's peeing in his own pants - I can see this costing him his career, full fat pension and more.

8:08 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

BBC update - including leaked photo of Brazilian's body while still laying in train carriage.

9:17 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:18 pm  
Blogger noel adamson said...

I think that it may be a case of quantity versus quality and police brutality, ineptitude and corruption all increase as the police state grows. The U.S. Army has been lowering it's standards for new recruits and recruiters routinely helping prospective recruits to cheat to get around even the lower standards.

A friend of mine once shared a place in the L.A. area with a vice squad cop who told him they planted evidence on people everyday because they "knew they were dirty" and just couldn't get any evidence... Everyone needs employment I guess.

10:16 pm  
Blogger Richard said...



Within the last few minutes - from UK's ITN NEWS.

The guy who was "relieving himself" -- while filming the premises - was "A SOLDIER, ON LOAN TO THE POLICE"

I rest my case. A Soldier? Yeah. But they don't say which regiment. They don't bloody well need too. Some of us have known all along - S. A. S.

And incidentally, the poster who commented on my original piece[ when I claimed within hours of the killing that the SAS were responsible] telling me that although I was a good writer ----- I had started to sound like a loony.

An apology would be nice, if you're still around and read this.

10:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Of course it bloody was...

1:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Of course it bloody was...

1:05 am  
Blogger Richard said...

So the police are now working under military control - albeit the military's in plain clothes instead of soldiers uniforms.

That's martial law.

And that's a straight statement. Not merely an opinion.

1:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Press photographs of members of the armed response team taken in the immediate aftermath of the killing show at least one man carrying a special forces weapon that is not issued to SO19, the Metropolitan police firearms unit.

The man, wearing civilian clothes with a blue cap marked “Police”, was carrying a specially modified Heckler & Koch G3K rifle with a shortened barrel and a butt from a PSG-1 sniper rifle fitted to it — a combination used by the SAS.",,2-523-1715192,00.html

Domestic and International services cannot intertwine. They have different methods of operations and training altogether. I hope they disband this practice. In the US Homeland Security agents are being charged for beating people, because again different training methods.

This needs to stop

Sandra in the lost US

You were right in the beginning, SAS good call

2:35 am  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

RIchard, I didn't comment on this story yet because I was waiting for your take, you being in the home country of events.

So I am going to raid your posting and extend it to my were, as usual, RIGHT. I bow to your abilities.

2:49 am  
Blogger JulieDee said...

Don't get me Simp, I love it there too...I lived there for 20+ years till they gentrified our neighborhood and priced us out.

5:33 am  
Blogger JulieDee said...

OOPS! Should a been "Don't get me WRONG Simp.."

5:35 am  
Anonymous lukery said...

without trying to sound too spooky - we've seen enough in these recent horrid years to be careful about leaks (no, not the 'relieving yourself' kinda leak) - i'm not yet convinced that this leak was for purely altruistic reasons - its conceivable that this leak was officially approved (for reasons not yet obvious).

for example, do we really think that SAS staking out the home of bombers with the nation on high alert would not have a contingency plan for bathroom breaks? look at the text:
"I should point out that as I observed this male exiting the block I was in the process of relieving myself. At this time I was not able to transmit my observations and switch on the video camera at the same time. There is therefore no video footage of this male."
does that really make sense? im sure there is a protocol somewhere for dealing with bathroom(less!) breaks - and i doubt this was followed. (i dont know why they might be trying to hide the video - but it seems odd)

along similar lines, it seems that our oft-quoted eye-witness Mark Whitby might have been a plant as well. remember all that "cornered rat" and "half-fell/half-tripped" nonsense? and he said that there was "four or five shots" - when we later heard that there were 8 shots, i asked whether it was possible to mistake 8 shots for "4 or 5" - we now learn that there was *eleven* shots. im pretty sure that eleven shots doesnt sound like 4 or 5 (particularly in the context of the other lies he told).

i hope that this latest version of events is the accurate version - but if they are trying to get out ahead of the story again, then the reality might be even worse (if thats conceivable). remember, there are still lots of conflicting versions in this latest iteration.

9:21 am  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

OK, Richard, here is my story about your story. News from across the pond

Go to edit and stick the URL on the bottom and voila! We are cross linked on this story! (this elevates it on google, for example)

4:48 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Sandra, it does need to stop. Whether it will or not, remains to be seen. The more they see we'll simply sit back & accept, the more they dump on us.

5:55 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Elaine, good idea. Ta! OK, now all done & dusted.

5:57 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

* but if they are trying to get out ahead of the story again, then the reality might be even worse (if thats conceivable). remember, there are still lots of conflicting versions in this latest iteration.

lukery, that's a worry of mine too.

They've held their hands up to a 'cock-up' - for which a couple or so, 'voluntary' scapegoats will be well rewarded.

As for the FULL low down, what a friend said to me earlier today just about sums it up - "It's like entering the Fun-House or Hall of Mirrors at a fairground - once you get in, EVERYthing is illusion - you've left reality at the door.

[A similar view recently came from OZ too, IIRC. Eh, lukery? ;^)

6:06 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Like Row row row your boat..."Life is but a dream..."

And thanks, Richard, you do rate linking up.

8:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

richard - im trying to get an update from that source to see how the latest version compares with the original version - it should be within 48 hours - will let you know


4:33 am  
Blogger JulieDee said...

" There is therefore no video footage of this male." sounds a lot like an excuse for the video to get "disappeared"... maybe covering their butts for something they don't want to be shown?

6:13 am  
Anonymous lukery said...

juliedee - its difficult to imagine that things could be worse than the current version - but 'the dog peed on my homework' excuses seem to point to that. its nearly enough for this atheist to scream "god help us"

12:42 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

I keep thinking maybe this young man was targetted for a reason. Perhaps in his work as an electrician he had seen something they did not want him to see. He had to be silenced before he could figure it out. Otherwise, the overkill response just does not make sense.

2:43 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Same here, Rosemary. Talk about a tangled web.

And lukery, thanks for that. I'll await with interest.

3:41 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Sorry - I'm a little late with this comment but the SAS was an excellent call. Very informative comments too!

4:11 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

No problem, graniab. Better late than never, eh. Glad you found it enlightening.

4:30 pm  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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