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09 March 2009

Israeli soldiers shoot unarmed Palestinian farmer

Check out this video.

Israeli soldiers shot 20 year old Mohammad al-Breem, despite knowing that he was an unarmed farmer. The incident took place on February 18, a couple of hundred yards from the "green line", which means it was well withing Palestinian territory.

This is not an isolated incident. Have a look at a similar incident that took place at the same location on Feb. 12:

Human rights workers began videotaping harvests after a 27 year old farmer was killed by Israeli soldiers on Jan. 27.

The video camera is potentially the most powerful weapon that the Palestinians have against oppression, but it will only work if the American news networks start airing the footage and letting their viewers know what's really going on in the occupied territories. And if the video camera proves ineffective, how can we justifiably condemn the Palestinian extremist groups when they resort to more extreme methods? Wouldn't any of us consider violence if peaceful means of resistance failed to stop an occupying army from randomly shooting our families and neighbors?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Gordo the camera is what will save many who are oppressed not only the Palestinians... Heres a link

It is from the Video Vigilanties series. Basically they get cameras to those who are threatened and then get the footage out. This is of a young man in Palestine and the Israeli soldiers...

10:11 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Even when many Jews is America are shown completely irrefutible evidence via stills and video footage, you know how most of them try to ease their consciences?

They claim everything is "staged".

Of course there are plenty of others who just have no conscience. Just like so many so called "Christian" Americans when it comes to their neaderthal outlook on "kissing ass".

When the the dumb US fundies realise that the rabid Zionist fundies are totally "anti-gentile" ~ maybe things will change. But don't hold your breath.

11:57 am  
Blogger Gert said...

Rich, you're giving me more homework: I'll be linking to this tomorrow...

9:27 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

Nice one, old 'un. I've linked to you and blogged on this, as the more who spread the word, the better.

1:21 am  

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