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05 March 2009

British 'Special Forces' active again in Northern Ireland ?


We honestly can't decide whether we've got good news or bad news today.

Moreover, nor can we decide whether it's genuine "leaked" type "learned by the BBC" information -- or purposely (professionally), planted Machiavellian mischievous misinformation -- and/or diabolically deliberate disinformation.

Read this remarkably surprising report and see (and say), what you think.

We say again, hmmmmm.

Don't you just hate being damned well undecided?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

But, but, but...........

Blair and Clinton won the Irish War on Terror didn't they?

With, (surprise, surprise) Senator Ted Kennedy I know hear. Who is about to receive an Honoury Knighthood from the Queen.

The Queen of the country Kennedy's old man hated with all his heart.

She must have forgotten, like most Americans have, about poor Mary Jo meeting her premature and needless demise at Chapequideck (s?)

6:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend to come down on the side of deliberate disinformation. But then again we have seen so much of it (and how effective it has been) in both of our respective countries, my "smeller" may be working overtime.

Who knows?

Last night I happened to watch a 7-part report on the London Bombing of July'05. What a conglomeration of disinformation!!


11:06 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Sure things improved VASTLY in NI anumber of years ago.

But the [surviving and new upcoming] gangster Godfathers never stopped their turf wars. And many international vested inerest groups are getting tired of losing more and more of their lethal "business oppotunities".

10:06 pm  
Anonymous Charles said...

Oh shit!!!!

Two young Brit squaddies have just been shot dead in Northern Island.

WTF is going on here ????????????

3:16 pm  
Anonymous Charles said...

Link to murdered soldiers story,

3:19 pm  
Anonymous pimpernel said...

I'm convinced there's more to all this than meets the eye.

8:30 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Here's a FACT for anyone interested.

The Republic of Ireland does NOT want anything to do with shit like those who murder at random. Nor does Northern Ireland. Nor do the decent, honest, civilised everyday folk of either side of the border ...... be they good Catholic or Protestant people.

It's this kind of human crap that makes a very good case for not only the return of capital punishment, but for f*cking public hangings!

2:08 am  

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