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24 February 2009

Kyrgyzstan kicks America out of it's country

Oh, dear! What can the matter be? Oh, dear! What a calamity.

Fancy such a supposed short-assed, no account, completely crappy kind of crummy country such as Kyrgyzstan having the temerity to tell the mighty US military machine to take a hike.

Oh, dear!

Bet they wouldn't be as big & brave if they didn't have their rich Russian & Chinese chums, eh?

Kyrgyzstan leaves US out in the cold

As the Kyrgyz parliament decides to close the only US military base in the country, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes considers the strategic and political impact of the announcement.


Manas airbase is one of those peculiarly American creations. Outside the fence it is Central Asia, inside it is the mid-west of the United States.

A land of large white pick-up trucks, stars and stripes and huge, very polite people who insist on calling you "Sir".


But the truth, I knew, is that the Americans are here for one reason only, and it was sitting outside in the shape of 12 large aircraft.

There is nothing very sexy about a KC-135. It is a big drab grey airliner converted to be a flying petrol station.

But KC-135s are hugely important to American and British squaddies on the front line in Afghanistan.

[See map of existing and possible supply routes in the region]

Every time they get into a tight spot with the Taleban, they call in an air strike by fighter jets waiting in the sky above.

Those fighter jets can only remain airborne because of the KC-135s flying out of Manas. There is one circling high over Afghanistan 24 hours a day.


... there is little to show for the eight years America has spent here.

Inside the Manas airbase the buildings all look distinctly temporary.

For all their talk of "partnering", the Americans have not even fixed the broken concrete runway.

They pay a paltry $60m a year in rent. And one day, when their war in Afghanistan is done, they will go home. Unlike the Russians, who have already been here for well over 100 years.
Still, as is so often said by some, sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Others, lots less polite, say such stuff as tough shit, get over it, move on, business is business m'boy and so on & so forth.

Read the rest of this extremely interesting, and telling, report right here.

Hmm. Certainly does seem to be an especially super-duper, sort of sooo strategically globally positioned place of seriously significant importance doesn't it?

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Blogger Nevin said...

It is definitely a case of "business is business", because Russia agreed to pay all of Kyrgystan's foreign debts... It's always about money isn't it....?

9:53 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Another US "ally" bites the dust.

11:39 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Another toe-hold lost.

12:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gees can we kick them out of Australia... Oh damn thats right, we have the Uranium they want...

My Govt sucks!

8:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody should write a book called "How to loose friends and alienate people" -- somebody from the US - since they're the world's experts on the subject.

10:38 pm  

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