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22 February 2009

Tony Blair : Special Sunday Petition Edition : Please Sign A War Crimes Petition

** Blair War Crimes Foundation **

Aim: To bring Tony Blair to trial

For press enquiries you can contact:

Here's just a few of the ever increasing list of signatories to the letter, so far : including our own of course.

John Pilger, David Halpin, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Ken Loach, Noam Chomsky, Richard Dawkins, Lindsey German, Ben Griffin, Dr Nawal Saadawi, Haifa Zangana, Dr Kamil Mahdi, Bruce Kent, David Halpin, MB, FRCS, Nicholas Wood, MA, RIBA, FRGS, Chris Burns-Cox, MD, FRCP, Joyce Morgan, Sara Wood MA (Oxon), Roslyn Cook, Geoff Evans, Dr. Margaret Evans, Nisar Ali Shah, Michael Culver (actor) and Amanda Culver (artist), Jonathan Cook (Journalist), Euan Donaldson (Film Makers Against War), Dr Nawal Saadawi (writer Egypt), Haifa Zangana (Iraqi woman writer and activist), Edward S Herman, Ph.D (Berkeley USA - professor, writer), Mundher al adhami (academic), Rikki Blue (journalist), Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, David Edwards, Anabella Pellens (translator Argentine), Sarah Case, Angela Baguena (Barcelona), Jenny Wood (academic), Peter Day, Andrew Goodman, David Miller (Professor of Sociology, Strathclyde), Richard Dawkins, Lindsey German, Ben Griffin (former SAS soldier), Dr Kamil Mahdi, Ken Loach, Bruce Kent ...

... and many other other citizens (both ordinary and extraordinary) of Spain, Argentine, USA, UK and elsewhere who whole heartedly support a Blair War Crimes Foundation to seek signatures for a petition to the United Nations General Assembly and the UK Attorney General, to uphold the UN Charter, the Geneva and Hague Conventions, and International Law, and to indict Tony Blair for war crimes.

If you agree with this aim, please see the letter and add your name to the online petition. You can also contact us at Your email details will not be passed on to others or used for any purpose.


It is necessary to make leaders hesitate before indulging in “the paramount war crime” to quote the judges of Nuremberg, of “unprovoked aggression against a defenceless country”.

Unless leaders fear that they might be tried for their war crimes, we will live in an increasingly violent world, where The Geneva Conventions are treated as a joke, the UN is of no account, and death, destruction, torture, and repressive policing are commonplace.

At the moment such leaders enjoy more and more trappings of power, and retire with vast sums of money, houses, medals and lucrative contracts.

A group of UK Citizens have therefore set up an organisation, “The Blair War Crimes Foundation”, to initially bring one such leader to justice as an example.

Contributions to cover advertising and postal costs are welcome at BWC Foundation Fund PO Box 64656 NW3 9NG ~~ N.B. Any surplus will paid to Basra Childrens’ Leukaemia Hospital.

Secretaries of Foundation: David Halpin MB, FRCS, Nicholas Wood MA, RIBA, FRGS at above address.

Founded January 2009

** Please read the relevant letter, look at the list of signatories, then sign said petition yourself. **

After all, it's the very least you/we all can do.

Site info:

Blair War Crimes Foundation


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Anonymous pimpernel said...

I've also signed up, Rick. My wife, two sons and daughter as well.

9:24 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...

The missus and I too. It was all our pleasure.

1:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it only English signatures?

8:26 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

No, A'Jay, it's NOT just for Brits.

We're talking "International" crimes and courts here. Just check some of the most famous signatories listed. Pilger's an Aussie, Chomsky's a Yank and there are other big names from elsewhere.

Richard, needless to say, my mob's signed too. Thanks for the heads up on this, I'm already sending your link around to all and sundry.

4:14 pm  
Blogger Nevin said...

Thanks Richard, I have signed it as well... I forwarded your blog to my family and friends to sign as well...

5:10 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...


5:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Crimes of Tony Blair - shoulder tos houlder soldiers / violent military Machine support to Kill, torture, conspire against Muslims' people, invade against International laws / United Nations Laws reconizing Iraq and Afaghnistan, Iran and others Islamic countries to encourage muslisms being killed by Americans and British and to kill each other ..etc. Invading, capture war prisoners into custody of USA then reexporting them into Cuba / guatimala jail and east europe to murder / torture all those civilian Muslims against Islamic Sharha LAWS and International -Geneva Convention treaty/ laws ..All of these War crimes of conspiring, violations of basic human rights, war-prisoners legal rights ..ALL PUSHES US - AS SURECRATS BEILEVING IN SURECRACY - TO CLAIM A PROSECUTION OF BOTH TONY BLAIR ( BRITISH PRIME MINISTER UNDER BLESSING OF HIS QUEEN ) AND GEORGE W.BUSH (USA EX-PRESIDENT) TO BE BOTH ARRESTED, EXPOSED TO EXTRADITION TO OUR ISLAMIC COUNTRIES TO BE TRIALED FOR THEIR CONSPIRED CRIMES AGAINST MUSLEMS AND HUMANITY .. wE ARE CLAIMING iSLAMIC lAWS TO BE CONSIDERED BECAUSE WE ARE THE VICTIMS NOT THE WESTERNS TO SUCH MASS MASSCRE AND/OR WAR GENOCIDE ..! SURECRACY IS PRESENTLY CLAIMING SUCH A LEGAL ACTION TO BE CONSIDERED IN LIGHTS OF SURECRATIC JUSTICE AGAINST DEMOCRATIC CRIMES AND VIOLANCE ..

Sherif Abdel-Kerim
Founder Of Surecracy
as alternatve to Democracy
and Founder Of the International Surecratic Movement
surecracy Versus democracy

5:04 am  
Blogger Paul said...

Thanks for giving me a chance to protest

7:10 pm  

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