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13 September 2008

Her Royal Majesty Hillary Regrets ... Apparently

Being abroad again, and all, we're sorta semi out 'of the loop' (US and UK wise) of late, but we're still managing to periodically peruse some of our best blogger buddies' blogs; one of them belonging to another old(ish) Brit, named R.J. Adams.

For what it's worth, R.J. has lived in the US for some several years now.

Here's one of said old pal's latest posts. This one certainly struck a chord with us. Perhaps it will, or rather should, with you too.

Particularly if you're one of our loyal, friendly American readers.

Looks Like The Queen Has Abdicated

If ever any political party deserved to lose an election, it has to be the Democrats in 2008. If ever any Democratic politician needed to prove their worthiness to the party, it’s Hillary Clinton now her race for the presidential nomination has ended.

Where is Hillary Clinton? At a time when her party needs her more than ever, it appears Clinton has taken a vacation. Does this indicate a serious case of sour grapes?

Read the rest across at R.J.A.'s very own "Sparrow Chat".


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Anonymous R J Adams said...

Thanks for the plug, Old'un. Enjoy your holiday. I guess Clinton may have heard us a'hollarin'. Apparently, she came out the closet today and addressed a rally.

2:50 am  

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