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08 September 2008

Vote, Vote, Vote For This Old Brit : The Man With The Experience



Ladies and gentlemen.

Forget, Mrs Palin. Forget, Mr McCain. In fact, forget 'em all.

Today, we're talking turkey. Not only that, but at absolutely no extra charge, we're talking the turkey to you direct from Turkey -- live. (As is often our wont).

We've decided we want to proudly present ourselves as the prime candidate(s)for the position(s) of ... erm ... anything and everything. Anywhere, any time, for whatever, whoever, whenever, however, etc, such like, and so on.


'Cos we're the one(s) with "the experience".


Right! And you know, it makes sense.

Take a quick peek at the map. Does our record speak for itself? Does our experience? Does our expertise? Does our know how? Our understanding?

Believe us. You'd better bloody believe it does.

See what we're saying? See where we're at? Again?

See where we're coming from? Stuck slap bang right in the midst of "everything".

Palin? Schmalin?

Alaska? Russia? Foreign policy? International relations? Experience? Expertise? Knowledge? Understanding? Etc, etc?

Ha! Don't make us laugh.


Btw, "see" you all as and when we can, for just a little while longer. Then it'll be back to our "regular" blogging business ... as usual.

Unless, of course, someone somewhere suddenly sends for us and says we've personally to start saving the world as soon as poss becoming the boss of the rest of the world's bosses.

Well? Why not? These days it appears anything goes. Absolutely, anything.

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

At least you know where bloody Turkey is.

Enjoy your holiday, old 'un.

11:17 pm  
Anonymous rex said...

Good God, Man. Gone abroad again?????????

2:28 pm  

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