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29 August 2008

Gordon Brown's Government's Great British Gestapo Plot ...

Apparently, lots of us are learning a lot lately about a supposed terrorist type plot against Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

However, how many, we wonder, have as yet even begun to get to grips with the insidious implications of this mean spirited, mendacious miscreant of a man's government's shockingly sinister plot of it's own?

You know, the good old Great British Gestapo Plot.

What a woeful way to goddamn go, eh?

We began by giving Blair, Bush and their respective bunches of bad-ass bandits an inch, and the bastards took a million bloody miles. And when we say "bloody" we do mean "bloody".

Then, Blair buggered off before he was effed off, and we gave the supposed good-guy Gordo a go.

Now, super-snide as he so obviously is, this Brown bum gives us this shit.

Psst. Listen. Hear we now. We kid ye not.

We don't even dare to imagine what this mangy, manic mob of mega-Machiavellian madmen may have headed our way next.

Do you?

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Anonymous bootlean said...

It gets worse by the day and you can bet it's not going to get any better. The 'GREAT' went out of Britain years did anyone with the sense and money to do so..

3:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Rick,

I'm a bit late with this, but I've only just come across it:

You are not alone!


12:45 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

It saddens me that a party I remember as the 'Party of the People' has turned Britain into 'Little America'. While Tory Maggie Thatcher began the rot - and long may she rot in Hell for doing so - Blair and his bunch perfected the technique, creating what is now a single party Parliament in the process, and surgically removing the power of the working people his party was created to serve.

It time for the people to take back their rights.

3:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

England is maturing as a Hitler State. Crimanals are ruling the streets as prisons are few. Cameras record our every move, cost of living is rocketing while many get by on the launch pad.
Too many foreigners, doll dossers and layabouts scronging the benefit system.
Can't save for retirement, if you have savings of a certain amount despite paying into a pension scheme, the government refuses to pay the benefits.
Free speach is forbidden. Its been taken over by political correctness.
Some businesses in general cannot establish due to the volume of paperwork which needs continiously updating.
To many bogus training courses out there including degrees and academic qualification. which are too expensive and not worth studying.
If you work in certain trades then you are not allowed to carry the work out without the bit of paper saying you are qualified too, regualed by the Gestapo.
Terrorists broadcasts and wars are abused to keep the general population in line.
If we don't stand up to this New Labour government soon, things are going to get alot worse for Britain.

Heir Hitler

4:00 pm  

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