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16 August 2008

The Great British Binmen Barricade ...


What is?

According to some our blog is. So are lots of our ideas, principles, beliefs, and so on.

Why, we've even been told on more than one occasion that all we ever write about is rubbish.

Well, today we ain't intending to dispute it.

People power. Don't you just love it?

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

We need lots, lots more of it - both in the UK and US. The problem is people only protest when the trouble's in their backyard. Wolfie had the right idea: "Power to the People!"

11:47 pm  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Binmen? Uh, oh. The pc bunch are going to be gunning for you for this.

Hadn't you heard? They're now refuse disposal operatives.

8:19 pm  

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