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02 August 2008

Meet Little Danieal Kelly's Monster Mother

Oh, how we hope there is a Hell.

Philadelphia Police Department photo of Andrea Kelly.

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Anonymous gordo said...

The Department of Human Services received at least five reports of Danieal being mistreated between 2003 and 2005. All described a "helpless child sitting unattended, unkempt and unwashed, in a small stroller in her own urine and feces," her screams ignored by her mother, the grand jury report said. The stroller, which served as a wheelchair, apparently never left the house.

Agency employee Dana Poindexter, assigned to investigate, also ignored Danieal, authorities say. Already having been suspended after a 3-week-old baby died on his watch in 2002, Poindexter continued his "slovenly, neglectful and dangerously reckless work habits" after being assigned the Kelly case, the grand jury said. He did not file a single report, authorities said.

The Kellys finally were assigned help from a private agency in 2005. Employee Julius Murray was required to visit the family twice a week, but authorities believe he may have come to the house only once — to have Andrea Kelly sign predated forms attesting to future visits.

The grand jury report said Laura Sommerer, a city social worker, failed to hold the now-defunct company accountable when, months later, Danieal still was not enrolled in school or receiving medical care.

And after Danieal died, authorities say, company director Mickal Kamuvaka held a "forgery fest" in her office where she had employees "concoct almost a year's worth of false progress reports."


Just an incredible story. How many people had to completely ignore their responsibilities in order for this to happen?

4:13 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

A dreadful case. While the mother appears the main culprit in this crime, many others including state and federal authorities, are complicit.

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Behold the face of evil.

9:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God removes the soul of little people like this long before they die. Every year there are countless cases of children being starved to death, simply as a statement from their parents that they can no longer care for them.

Instead of starving these kids, which is murder, they should just stand up and shoot them point blank in the head, it would be quicker and more respectfull than what happened here.

What we see in the body of these reports from this poor little girl is only the physical body talking. This is how I get over this. God takes the soul away so it doesn't suffer, and leaves us to watch what essentially is a body screaming for help.

12:24 am  
Blogger James said...

I hope to god this woman can log online and see this:
You are incredibly disgusting. You disappoint me beyond belief. Of any background knowledge I have learned of Danieal, you should have been the one in a stroller, a device designed for those who don't know well enough to walk on their own.
I wish you the best Danieal.
I wish you the worst Andrea.

5:56 am  

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