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31 July 2008

On the Ousting of Israel's Olmert ...

Today we want to start with some good old fashioned community singing. You know, some choral stuff and such.


All together then:

"Singin' soooooo long, it's been good t'know ya ..."


Olmert finally bows to pressure - by Wyre Davies - BBC News, Jerusalem

And here's how Israel's very own
Haaretz sees and says it.

As for ourselves, we wish we could say "It's been nice..."

However, it hasn't, so we won't.

We wonder who's next?

Since surely, by now, Israeli politics is fast running short of shysters and schmucks.

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

There are plenty more shysters and schmucks lining up to take his place.

9:20 pm  

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