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25 July 2008

US Air Force : Missile Men's 'Slumber Surprise' (or is it?)



Hush your mouth. Close your cake-hole. Cut the clap-trap. Button your lip. And ensure you trap stays shut.


In other words, keep this shocking sort of shit under your hat.

Or should we say secrete said excrement somewhere super-safe ... such as under your personal pillow?

Missile crew members fell asleep

"Decisive and urgent steps" are needed to restore the US Air Force's respect for nuclear weapons after three ballistic missile crew members fell asleep while holding classified launch code devices, US authorities said.

The incident at a base in North Dakota, just south of the Canadian border, is the latest in a series of nuclear mistakes which have plagued the US Air Force in recent months.

Read the rest of this report -- so long as you're one the good guys.

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

There was a time a Secretary of Defense might have been expected to fall on his sword after such a series of calamities.

Of course, there was a time when having a war criminal as president of the US would have been unheard of.

1:27 pm  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

PS Perhaps the US air force top brass are just getting too comfortable?


1:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The USAF? Isn't that the mob that performed so pitifully on 9/11?

Does anyone know if the same brass are still in charge?

9:33 pm  

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