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22 July 2008

Un-bloody-believable : Barmy British Bobbies ...

We've decide we're launching a brand new, occasional, well earned award system:

'This Old Brit's Stupidest Sod(s) in the Solar System Citation'.

Hear you can learn a little about our first winner - a Metropolitan police community support officer.

Photographing thugs 'is assault', police tell householder snapping proof of anti-social behaviour

By Neil Sears - Daily Mail

A householder who took photographs of hooded teenagers as evidence of their anti-social behaviour says he was told he was breaking the law after they called the police.

David Green, 64, and his neighbours had been plagued by the youths from a nearby comprehensive school for months ...
Read the rest of this totally toe-curling, utter tommy-rot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the man should have called the uniformed idiot's bluff and see how any court would have laughed the case out of the place.

The police employ as many incompetents as any other employer does. This plonker seems to have been a complete dead loss.

11:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about this being 'political correctness'. Seems to me the unlucky householder trespassed on police perogative by taking the law into his own hands, at least from their point of view. The police don't like citizens who go over their heads and get too proactive with criminals, especially when it's in self-defence:

And there's also this:

What is the difference between the lawbreaking householder and non-lawbreaking Google? A lollipop for the correct answer!


2:16 pm  

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